Employee & Customer Experience

Daan Van Rossum

Daan helps you:

  • Understanding CX and EX planning
  • Creating a competitive employee experience
  • Establishing and communicating company Culture
  • Professionalizing interviewing and onboarding
  • Measuring and perfecting experiences

Need support building a healthy workplace culture and improving your employee experience? Improved employee engagement brings many benefits: higher retention, better customer service, higher levels of productivity and more!

Daan van Rossum is Dreamplex’s Chief Experience Officer – a role that spans both Employee Experience as well as Customer Experience. He can help you think through how you’re currently engaging employees and customers, and how to improve it – always with business results in mind.
Prior to Dreamplex, Daan worked as a marketing strategist for 15 years across Europe, the U.S., and Asia, before finding Bright, the Vietnamese startup focused on helping people thrive. He’s a trainer, public speaker and certified life coach.

Daan is available for 2 hours per week for free coaching.

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