Branding & Marketing, F&B Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

Ha Chu

Position: Founder of COOKED

Expertise: Media, Start-up

Industries: F&B, Service, Journalism & Communication and Personal Development

Questions you can ask her:

  • How do I start my career in Marketing?
  • How to create a unique F&B brand in the market?
  • What do I need to know to communicate for a successful F&B brand?

About Ha Chu:

Chu Hong Ha, also known as Ha Chu, is a familiar figure in the field of F&B Marketing. It can be said that this personality girl is the person behind the success of the marketing strategies of a series of big brands such as Yu Tang, Manwah, Hutong, to F&B brands that focus on niche markets and leave many special impressions on the map of F&B Vietnam such as the KAfe, Me me bistro, Sadhu Chay, Tam Vi Restaurant. Ha Chu is also one of the first people to actively build a personal brand in doing intensive communication for a field. At the same time, she became the founder of COOKED – The first school in Vietnam specializing in Business and Marketing in the F&B industry.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hachu/

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