Build a workplace to successfully Attract and
Retain Vietnamese Gen Z 

By 2025, Gen Z is expected to take up 25% of the total workforce in Vietnam. Understanding them better and designing a workplace experience that makes them tick could help companies become much more successful in both attracting and retaining these young, creative, worldly employees.
This paper shares 4 key components of building a competitive workplace from our exclusive research across 72 pages of content. Download it now and be the first one to discover Vietnam's Gen Z at the workplace 

About Dreamplex

Dreamplex is Vietnam's leading workplace experience provider. We design and deliver people-centric work experiences that help fast-growing companies attract and retain the best talent. 
Dreamplex provides diverse workspace solutions, including services: full-service offices, flexible seats, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and event space. 
With the only dedicated Workplace Experience team in Vietnam, we help employees to have a better day at work. Our membership includes opportunities for them to belong, connect, learn, grow and develop towards their full potential. 
By offering 5 locations in HCMC, and Hanoi, we can provide your team the choices of where to work depending on their needs and schedule. Total flexibility is at the core of what we can provide you. 

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