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31 Dec 2020

SmartMeal focuses on making healthy-eating easy and more accessible in Vietnam by delivering weekly or monthly plans straight to your door. They offer a wide variety of diet plans and work with qualified chefs and top-notch food suppliers to source their ingredients. Each meal is tailor-made to provide a nutritionally balanced diet that tastes and feed good. SmartMeal is an excellent choice for those who aim for weight-loss, fitness training or simply a healthier lifestyle.

Dreamplex members can exclusively enjoy 10% off weekly plans, and 15% off for monthly plans. Please apply code DREAMPLEX2020 to receive your discount when you order on You can also register on with the same code. The menu will be available for your viewing.

With SmartMeal, your daily meals get delivered straight to the Dreamplex fridge. You won’t have to deal with pesky phone calls in the middle of meetings to pick up your food! Simple, easy, and healthy.


You get all of this and more with your membership.