ELSA Speak – The Vietnamese Start-ups that raised $7 million

May 22, 2019

On 27 February (VN local times), an educational application named Elsa Speak has successfully
called for $7 million in it Series A funding round from Gradient Ventures, an AI focusing investment
funds of Google. The app featuring exclusive AI algorithms in Speech Recognitions with a success
rate more than 95%, proving it great potential in helping people practice perfect in English Speaking.


Vietnamese Women CEO Van Dinh Hong Vu, Stanford graduated, believe the capital from Google
will greatly advance the development process and market expanding to potential regions like Japan,
India or Indonesia. The start-ups would also be able to recruit more AI Scientists and adding cool
new features later this year. ELSA Speak will be able to work with different rhythms and intonations,
further enhancing it capabilities.


In addition, ELSA Speak has been enlisted by Forbes in the 4 AI companies that are reshaping the world, along with large enterprise like Google Allo or Microsoft Cortana. The success of ELSA Speak also becoming an inspiration in the Vietnamese Start-ups community in the Sillicon Valley.