Hanoi Authorities seek to have stricter control on businesses operating on social network

May 22, 2019

Hanoi’s Market Management Department is proposing a new regulation in which requiring all businesses activities through Social Media to be under the same level of managements as an E-commerce platform.


Sellers on Facebook, Zalo or Viber will be affected by this proposal and will have to state and report their business to the respected Authorities.According to the Department, in 2018, 47 businesses have been fined with a total of 521 million VND for violating the e-commerce regulations. One case even got transferred to the Police Department for further investigation.E-Commerce activities have been blooming exponentially recently and it needs to be in line with the management and control from the Government to prevent scam or tax evasion,


the Hanoi Authorities stated. It also requires a tighter co-operation between the departments to solve issues related to these online platforms.