Vietnam’s Young Generation focusing on tech start-ups

May 22, 2019

A steady uptrend showing that more and more technology entrepreneurs entering the marketing at a relatively young age, with most of them are ambitious and well-trained individuals.


Digital Technology has been implemented to provide better solutions for the current problems in many fields, from Medical to Consumers Good to Education or even Tourism. Projects like the Perkfec app which helps connect talents and recruiters; or Tappy – virtual group interactions have been highlighted internationally in channels like BBC World or joining the league of award-winning Ideas.


Researches also indicating that agriculture applications and prosthetic devices for the disabled are attracting the youth startups. Nguyen Phuong Nam with his method of producing charcoal from rice husks or Nguyen Trung Dung and partners with their fully functional prosthetic hands are recognized as examples on how the youth could contribute towards the community.