A very unique multi-use co-working space that will fulfill your wildest DREAMS. Dreamplex Auditorum can cater any event from 50-300 guests with style. (Prices excluding 10% VAT).
Starting from
2,500,000 VND/hour
At a glance

A multi-purpose building with residential and commercial units, Your team can work and stay. Dreamplex offers:

• 30 – 60 sqm.
• Your team can stay to live.
• Mini kitchen.
• Unlimited Working hour.
• Amenities residents.
• Private Workspace.

Access Dynamic keycard gives you ‘round-the-clock, 24/7 entry
Location Choose a single location as your primary Dreamplex
Join our community of creators
With a Officetel plan, you can handle business and still benefit from connecting with kindred professionals.
We’re the We Generation, and our community knows no bounds. From freelancers to satellite sales teams, single desks to entire HQs, nuclear physicists to financial advisors—we’re all here.
Shared Spirit
There’s no networking quite like the organic conversations that happen when companies work in shared space. It’s no surprise that 70% of our members have done business together.
Global network
On our online member network, connect to businesses from all over the world for service provider recommendations, operational tips, branding design, and more.
Enjoy all-inclusive amenities
Super high Speed wifi internet
Free Drink
Private Phone Booths
Lounge Area Access
Guest Reception
Access to Community Manager
Access to Online Community
Kitchen with Microwave
Biz Mailing with Mail & Package handing
Printer/ Scanner Availability
Access to mentors & Investors Community
Free Cleaning & Maintenance
Branded Office
On-Floor Security
24/7 Secure Access
Personal Storage (Locker)
Long term personal Storage (cabinet)
Listed on Website of Dreamplex
Take care of business & yourself
Go beyond workspace - Dreamplex members enjoy a range of perks for work, global network and everything in between.
Business services
You’ll find exclusive offers on services and software for an operational boost in our Services Store.
Choose from a healthy variety of programming right in the office, from seminars and demos to networking sessions and workshop. There’s always something to learn, and new people to meet.
Can guests visit me in my private office?
We’d love to host your guests! Just make sure you register them in reception system.
What is the difference between a Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk and Private Office?
A Hot Desk is a shared workspace in a common area. There’s no need to book in advance; you can come and go as needed and use any available desk.
A Dedicated desk is an assigned work space in a large open area shared with other members. This dedicated space comes with a lockable filing cabinet for your personal belongings. Desktops may be set up and left overnight. Phone booths are available on all floors for phone calls.
A Private Office is a fully enclosed, lockable space built for a team of 2- 8 people (or more). Your company can add on more offices as you grow. Speak to your community management team about custom built spaces for teams of 12 or more at one of our new locations!
I'm ready to sign up! What are my payment options?
For Private Offices and Dedicated Desks you may pay by ACH (auto withdrawal), credit card or wire transfer. For Hot Desks and We Membership you may pay by credit card. Note that wire transfers and credit card payments are subject to an additional deposit.