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Invite your connections to Dreamplex community, receive up to 20,000,000VND bonus.

The More The Merrier!

Dreamplex would love to bring A Better Day At Work to more companies and employees, with high quality facilities and unique employee experience activities & events. We truly appreciate your help in letting more people know about Dreamplex and expanding our corporate community.

In return, we offer up to 20,000,000VND bonus for each successful referral following this process:


Introduce Dreamplex to your connections.

Fill the Referral Submission Form with your contacts & referral contacts.

Our Dreamteam will contact the referral and sign Membership Agreement.

Eligible referrer receives bonuses up to 20,000,000 VND in cash.

Why Dreamplex?

Your workplace is your second home. Gone are the days when we went to the office and did our duty. At Dreamplex, you and your team will experience a Better Day at Work, a combination of a professional workspace, 5-star care, and a wide range of programs and activities for you to develop yourselves, feel more excited coming to work, and have a greater sense of belongings.

The new kind of office.

Open space, natural lights from wide windows and lots of greenery and professionally equipped pantry, … and even sleeping pods. All to create the most convenience and more inspiration.


Prime locations in the city heart.

Five locations (and 2 more coming) to choose. All located at prime locations of the city, an ideal headquarter for your business to dress to impress. 

Always towards member-centric.

Dreamplex does provide just an office, our member experience team with a hospitality background delivers a better day at work, everyday.

Trusted by top companies

All your workplace
needs covered

Whether it’s just you or for a team of 20, all our shared workspaces come with the full benefits of the Dreamplex Workplace Experience. From the most up-to-date offices design to everything you need to feel excited to come to work every day, we’re thrilled to offer it to you.

Dreamplex Office Benefits

Impressive, central locations

Move-in ready offices

Hospitality-level care

Lively lounge & cafe spaces

Dedicated member app

& Exclusive Membership Perks


Monthly social events

Creative workshops

Training & development

Well-being programs