Keeping our Community safe: Applying Social Distancing at Dreamplex

March 19, 2020

Cases of COVID-19 are low in Vietnam relative to other parts of the world. Still, as a responsible member of the community, we should do what we can to decrease the likelihood of infection and slow the spread of the virus. We know that being able to continue your business while keeping your teams safe is the biggest priority right now. Here’s how we can work together with all members of our community to make sure that happens.


Flatten the curve

Because the COVID-19 virus is so contagious and has a higher mortality rate than the flu, the rate at which it is spreading could overwhelm local healthcare systems. Research is still in its early stages, but some estimates suggest that without effective containment measures, each person with the new coronavirus could infect between two and four people.

This is why we together need to “flatten the curve.” This means that we may not reduce the number of the cases, but take action so that they appear over a longer period of time. This prevents an overload of cases to our medical system.


Social Distancing

Research has shown that social distancing can help a lot to delay the amount of COVID-19 infections. This means putting a bit of distance between you and other people. The WHO recommendation is to keep one meter (3 feet) between individuals. In our coworking spaces, this can be done in a number of ways:

Spreading out lunch breaks

Members can: schedule their lunches so they don’t all happen at the same time. Members can also eat lunch at their desks. This way, less people will be in the central community spaces at the same time during peak lunch hours.
Dreamplex will: reduce the amount of chairs available at each table to make it easier to keep a one meter distance from each other. We will keep a close eye on the amount of people in the central spaces, and discourage large gatherings from happening at any time.

Private Office and Dedicated Desk members: sticking to your desk

Members can: ensure to not put more people behind one desk than its designed for. Our office desks are 1.2 meters x 60cm long, which means that as long as there is just one person sitting behind the desk, they can sit one meter from the next person.
Dreamplex will: support with supplying additional desks in other parts of our space, if and where available, in case certain office set-ups are laid out in a way that members sit closer to each other than 1 meter.

Unlimited Coworking members: pick a table, and spread out

Members can: choose a desk for themselves and keep ample space between themselves and their neighbors. Sitting at the coworking tables with too many people does not provide enough distance between members.
Dreamplex will: reduce the number of chairs at each coworking table to ensure best social distancing habits are practiced. We will also encourage each UC member to sit at the same desk so that we can better track who sits where in case of an infection. Dreamplex will also ensure on-site occupancy is low enough to enable social distancing.

Avoid meeting people at Dreamplex

Members can: choose video calls and teleconferences instead of face-to-face meetings at this time. While the government has stopped allowing anyone traveling from countries of high risk to enter Vietnam, like Italy, England, France, Korea, we together can further protect against the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the amount of people from outside our community into our spaces.
Dreamplex will: support in any way we can by ensuring phone booths and meeting rooms are frequently disinfected. We understand that members need to continue their business so we are here to help. We will also implement a system to collect visitor registrations, and avoid unregistered guests from entering our spaces.

Generally avoid crowds

Members can: choose another moment to come back if they see it’s busy around the pantry area, coffee bar or lunch tables.
Dreamplex will: be happy to help deliver any food or drink to your desk if this helps.

Working from home

Members can: plan to have less people in their offices by creating an (alternating) working from home policy.
Dreamplex will: support to deliver all of our services for those who work remotely, by for example digitizing mail handling, redirecting calls, visitors, and even hosting online seminars.

Keep learning & growing

Members can: instead of gathering at our spaces, tune into events online through video conferencing apps.
Dreamplex will: continue to care about your personal and professional development and keep providing you with interesting and useful content, even remotely.

For other social distancing tips, especially for your personal life, please see here.

Above and beyond social distancing


Our whole community can work together to ensure we all stay safe and healthy, while critical business activity can continue. These measures include:
Wearing a mask at all times in the ground floor lobby and elevator on the way to Dreamplex is now mandatory in all buildings.
Disinfecting your hands upon arriving. We have set up disinfecting gel right at the entrance.
Filling out and submitting Health Declarations. Having members’ Health Declaration on file is not only mandated by our buildings, it will also help us trace back any potential infections and inform everyone around that person.
Immediately going home when you feel any kind of illness. If you are not feeling well, and/or are self-isolating, please share this with the -Dreamplex team so that we can monitor the case.


Keep washing your hands and wiping down any surfaces you use. The easiest way to prevent spread is to kill any virus by cleaning continuously and consistently! Shield coughs and sneezes with a tissue, elbow, or shoulder. Avoid shaking hands.


If you spot someone being sick, inform the Dreamplex team. To keep our community safe and healthy, this is a good behavior and will be appreciated by everyone. The Dreamplex team will approach someone who may be sick and direct them to the nearest treating hospital.

What we will (continue to) do


– Temperature checks at lobbies and in the parking areas before entering the building.
– Collecting health declarations from each member and team member.
– Providing disinfecting gel in all social spaces.
– Increased cleaning, deep cleaning, and disinfecting.
– Limiting the amount of visitors coming into the building.
– Providing paper cups instead of shared mugs.
– Cancelling all member events at least until May 1. Then, we will assess further.
– Update our guidelines & action plan for cases of (suspected) infections.
– Communicating any news, changes in policies, and new measures that ensure the community’s safety. Dreamplex has a COVID-19 Task Force that meets daily and puts new mandates into place.


We are constantly checking and ensuring that not only our team and members, but also vendors and contractors follow these guidelines.


Together we can work to keep our community safe and healthy, while ensuring continuity for our members’ businesses. We know at a country- and city-level, many measures have been put into place and so far we’re fortunate to have escaped mass spread of the virus like in other countries. Let’s all work together to keep it this way.

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