Founder & CEO Hexagon Asia: “Be a pioneer in showing the power of design in Asian digital world”

May 31, 2019

What’s your company’s story? – the question we asked Mr.Nguyen Thai Anh | Founder & CEO Hexagon Asia, a digital agency with solid expertise in UI/UX and graphic design.


“When I started Boft Asia in 2016 it was the first time my business faced problems that were most affected by poor design and user experience. It was hard for people to understand what services we provide. Even those who instantly adopted the concept of Instagram photo printing struggled with the experience on the screens of our terminals. This led to churning of customers and a decrease in sales.


Standing next to the printing machines at the shopping malls for months and collecting feedback helped me to understand the problems that our customers were facing while using Boft. This knowledge allowed me to improve the design and make our clients happier, which of course was reflected in the growth of sales. That’s how I got familiar with the concept of UI/UX, problem-solving approach, Design Thinking and how design can affect numbers.


Living in Vietnam for almost 3 years, I noticed that there are countless great technically built products and startups. However, most of them lack the same great quality design in their core. It’s probably one of the main problems why so many products fail here in Vietnam: they are not user-friendly, not aesthetically attractive, and not cost-efficient for the business.


Luckily for me, I have known one designer from Europe for years. His name is Paul Navolochko – a great father, husband, and friend. Paul is an extraordinary serial entrepreneur who has been running the Hexagon Agency for 10 years. His team did 300+ projects for some of the world’s well-known brands and were recognized by numerous awards.


In 2018, we decided to collaborate and launch Hexagon Asia as a branch in Vietnam. Our mission is to improve the internet experience for people in Asia, by introducing disruptive digital solutions for businesses and organizations in 3 simple statements:




Useful Product – In every project we focus on our customer and create user-centred experiences that drive engagement and increase revenue.

Spectacular Design – Whether working on a logo for an industrial company or creating an insurance app, we always make sure that our design is robust from an aesthetic point of view.


Efficient Solution – Our solutions are always made with attention to the client’s team capabilities, that can be perfectly fit in the business ecosystem.


With 45+ employees in Europe (Kiev, Estonia) & in Vietnam, 300+ projects, 10 years experience, we became a happy owner of the beautiful spiral as the People’s Choice of The Webby Awards 2019 & the Mobile Excellence prize by Awwwards – they are like Oscars in Design field.


We are aiming for the whole Asia, starting with Vietnam, we are planning to make ASEAN products more useful, spectacular and efficient by setting new standards to drive up Design in the region.”


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