Together or apart,

Dreamplex is the hybrid working solution

5 key services companies can expect from Dreamplex to get ahead in the future of hybrid working.

Hybrid Office Redesign 

Based on 6 years of experience and insights from running flexible offices, Dreamplex can optimize existing offices for hybrid work models. For larger redesign projects, Dreamplex can consult together with the lead architect.

Hybrid Office Management

We take over the operations of existing offices. Let our “Workplace Experience Manager” help increase the benefits and utilization of your hybrid workplace. This pivotal role that brings hospitality to real estate, is now common at companies like Google.

Hybrid Management Software

Dreamplex is launching FlexOS, a proprietary technology platform to manage your own hybrid office and team. It has desk and room bookings, employee engagement, event ticketing, and more.

All-access & On-demand Offices

Have an office and reunite with your team by tomorrow with our ready-to-move office.

Enterprise and HQs

Move your entire workforce to Dreamplex with customization services to showcase your brand’s identity, and Dreamplex takes care of your entire office operation.

Let’s get ahead in this new world of working. Start now!

What Covid-19 has shown the world is companies can still thrive without static offices. As employees are seeing the benefits and asking for hybrid working, leaders are facing challenges to engage and manage hybrid working.

As the pioneer for the future of work, Dreamplex is here to launch and manage your hybrids working. Just give us a call at  (+84) 931 773 320 or filling the form below. We are looking forward to showing you the best hybrid working solution now. 👉👉👉

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