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Our DreamBuilders come to work every day with one mission in mind: to deliver an amazing day at work to our members. To build the future of work in Vietnam together, we’re always looking for the most ambitious, talented, and passionate people to join our team.

Why you will love working at Dreamplex

Meaningful work 

Delivering A Better Day at Work for thousands of employees makes a real difference in their lives. That’s why everyone in the Dreamplex team comes together to work towards a common goal: make work better! With a mission so meaningful, and everyone playing their part to make it happen, it’s no wonder why our team always feels fulfilled.

A chance to develop yourself 

We want you to craft your own role in a way that aligns with your future goals. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, advance in your career, or just to understand yourself better, we are dedicated to support you on your personal and professional development journey.

Total flexibility 

Forget about typical office hours and staring at the same view every day. We offer a fully flexible way of working: when you work, where you work, how you work. From there, further make the workplace your own by choosing your own social activities, training opportunities, creative workshops, and more.

We’re looking for…

We’re currently looking for the roles you can see below.

Building Infrastructure Engineering Manager

Ho Chi Minh City

Payable Accountant

Ho Chi Minh City

Location Manager

Ho Chi Minh City

Member Experience Director

Ho Chi Minh City

Member Experience Executive

Ho Chi Minh City

Business Development Lead

Ho Chi Minh City

Don’t see something suitable?

We’re always excited to get to know ambitious and passionate potential team members!
So just send us your resume and tell us a little bit about you at join@dreamplex.co.

Meet our leaders

From founding Dreamplex in 2015 to continuously innovating what workplaces in Vietnam should look like, these are the leaders that are behind Dreamplex.

Nguyen Trung Tin

Founder & Chairman

In 2015, Tin noticed that the startup scene in Vietnam was about to hit a big boom, and that it would create the need for a new type of office space. After months of working alongside experts in their fields, the first Dreamplex was born. Two months later, it was sold out. Since, Tin has guided the development of Dreamplex to what it is today – and supports actively on its future.

Meet Tin

Jonah Levey

Executive Director

Jonah’s entire career has been focused on finding ways to positively impact people, both personally and professionally. After founding and managing VietnamWork, he joined Dreamplex. Here, he answered the key question: “Why would the best talent choose to work at your company and not your competitor?” Helping our member companies answer this burning question is what excited Jonah to build Dreamplex.

Meet Jonah

Daan van Rossum


Daan joined Dreamplex as a consultant, then as Experience Director, and eventually took the CEO role in August 2021. Coming from a UX background, his focus has always been about putting the employee at the center, and completely reinventing what it’s like to come at work. This resulted in Dreamplex deliver hybrid solutions that offer “A Better Day at Work.”

Meet Daan

Zoee Nguyen

Member Experience Director

Zoee oversees the delivery of our “Better Day at Work” across all of our 5 locations. Her team takes care of sometimes complex customer requirements and ensures their team loves coming to the office. She manages hospitality, facilities, and everything in between.

Prior to joining Dreamplex, Zoee ran the largest WeWork in Southeast Asia.

Meet Zoee

Hue Nguyen

Project Development Director

Educated as an architect, Hue is one of the most experienced project managers in Vietnam. Previous projects include Saigon Pearl, Sheraton Hanoi, both Marou Maisons, Nielsen Hanoi, SCB, Roche, Shell, VIB, Parksons, Dominos, and Starbucks.

She worked at DWP, JLL, and ADP before 5 years of freelance work ahead of joining the Dreamplex team.

Meet Hue


Meet our

Of all the companies I’ve worked with, Dreamplex stands out thanks to the wonderful environment created by the even more wonderful people. I’ve never been in a more suitable workplace - dynamic, professional, responsible, and hardworking members, with positive attitudes all around - that’s what you get at Dreamplex. I am proud to be a member of the Dreamplex family.
Vy Nguyen
Account Payable
I feel very happy and lucky to work with everyone at Dreamplex. All my colleagues are very supportive and have inspired me to learn and grow. My time here has only contributed to my self development and I am grateful for everything.
Ý Hoàng
Senior Business Development Lead
In the half year I’ve worked at Dreamplex, I have learned a lot. Dreamplex offers the opportunity to develop communication skills that helps me overcome my limits, forcing myself to change and improve. My colleagues are all very supportive. If someone asks me if I love Dreamplex, the answer is definitely: "Yes, very much." But it must be added that love has never been easy. And always will be!
Thy Đặng
Business Development Lead
After a little over a half-year working at Dreamplex - a dynamic environment with professional and friendly people, I have learned so much and grown in so many ways. This is what the company focuses on - really developing the team and extending this towards the members. The company really cares for our wellbeing and regularly organizes business training courses and soft and hard skill workshops, through which I have acquired and applied many skills such as teamwork, presentation, communication, and productivity. I’m really grateful.
Thanh Huỳnh
Member Experience Lead

What are Dreams made of?

These core values guide us in everything we do.

Member First

We support and care for our members as we strive to make a positive difference in their work and lives.

Improve Always

We continuously invent, and relentlessly improve.

Speak Out

We say it honestly, openly and directly to strengthen trust and move forward.

One Team

We work as one team to support each other and elevate Dreamplex.

Can Do

We do what’s necessary to produce results, while always acting in line with our values.