How to re-engage employees post lockdown?

After months of lockdown and work-from-home, employees have managed to find ways to adapt with the situation and enjoy the perks of working remotely. Vietnam is slowly heading back to normality meaning employees are returning to offices. It is thought that people are keen to get back to work, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Employee engagement is key to rebuilding a business. Hence, it is critical for a company to reconnect with its employees in-person after such a long time of work-from-home.

In the partnership between Grove HR & Dreamplex, we host this webinar “How to re-engage employees post lockdown?” to reveal the differences before and after the lockdown in a typical business context and practical tips from industry experts.

What we will go through:

  • Work mode in the “new normal”
  • Engagement activities when employees go back to office
  • The role of HR and technology in keeping employees engaged

Guest Speakers:

  • Duy Le – CEO at KMS Solutions
  • Son Nguyen – Chairman at MVV Academy
  • Huyen Luu – Head of People Development & Learning cum HRBP Manager of CPD & Digital at L’Oréal Vietnam
  • Daan van Rossum – CEO at Dreamplex (Moderator)

Event Information:

  • Date: November 10th, 2021
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Language: English

About Dreamplex

Dreamplex creates “A Better Day at Work” that perfectly meets the needs of fast-growing companies that understand that their young employees expect more from their workplace. Well-designed private, branded offices, 5-star hospitality-level care and an engaging program of social activities, training & development, and wellbeing initiatives help those companies attract, engage, and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent in Vietnam. Dreamplex has 5 locations across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In 2021 and 2022, Dreamplex will be adding three new locations including The UnOffice projects in District 2 and The Campus in District 4.

About Grove HR

Grove HR – powered by KMS Technology is an all-in-one free HR platform that helps SMBs manage the entire workforce, run frictionless HR processes and build an amazing culture. Through its modern, efficient yet affordable platform, Grove HR is empowering 5,000+ SMBs to become talent-magnets and compete with larger competitors.
Available on both desktop and mobile, it provides a full employee lifecycle solution from recruitment, onboarding, to managing employee records, track time attendance, automate performance reviews and more.

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