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Fitfood is a packaged meal delivery service that delivers healthy and delicious meals all the way to your door. Launched in 2016, Fitfood’s system is modeled on meal prep services in Australia and the US, and the portions are based on Harvard University’s Healthy Eating Plate program. Their menu currently features about 100 dishes and you can choose from various packages whether you want all 3 meals a day or just 2, if you are vegetarian or prefer meatier alternatives. The meal plan you select provides you with a predetermined number of calories and carbs, so you will be served balanced meals specifically designed to help you maintain your weight.

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Since you can get your meals delivered to the office or your home, this means no more bulky lunch boxes and no more pressure deciding where to eat – for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The healthy nature of the meals is an added bonus.


You get all of this and more with your membership.