Monthly Global Expert Chat: How to Re-Design and Lead Difficult Conversations

Sự kiện sẽ được thực hiện bằng tiếng Anh 8:00PM to 9:15, ngày 16/06 trên nền tảng  Zoom.

  • This interactive talk will help attendees see conversations as a material they can shape and shift by design and empower you with key frameworks, mindsets and tools to help you lead yourself and others through conversations that matter. Bring a conversation that matters to you and we’ll work through how to change the conversation, together.
  • Human beings are conversational animals. We live our lives one conversation at a time. Our lives are defined by the conversations we can and can’t have. Your teams, your company, your products and services are all conversations… And even you are a conversation!
  • Leadership is the ability to host difficult conversations, and the skill to change the conversation to a new direction. The capacity to lead a conversation is the key skill for success in life and work.

Join us with Daniel Stillman – The author of Good Talk: How to Design Conversations that Matter this June to learn more about how to lead hard conversations.

    • Time: Wednesday, 16/06 | 8:00PM – 9:15PM
    • Platform: Zoom
    • Register here

The event is open for everyone.

Daniel Stillman is the author of Good Talk: How to Design Conversations that Matter. Good Talk is a step-by-step framework to effect change in your personal and professional conversations.

Daniel designs conversations for a living, and insists that you do, too. He works with organizations like Google, Nike and Visa to help them frame and sustain productive dialog, deepen their facilitation skills, and coach them through the innovation process.

He also hosts The Conversation Factory podcast where he interviews leaders, changemakers and innovators on how they design the conversations in their work and lives.

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