Leadership and Management Expert

Huong Nguyen

Position: Chief Connection Officer of Leaders Create Leaders

Expertise: Open for all

Industries: Open for all

Questions you can ask her:

  • What lessons have I learned from your 35 years of working and managing?
  • What is my motivation to achieve my goals and maintain sustainable positive energy?
  • How has EQ helped me to improve and build deeper human relationships in work and life?

About Huong Nguyen:

Huong Nguyen has a myriad of professional experiences with 15 years in medical industry and 20 years of management position in MNCs. She is an expert in engaging with participants by delivering insightful sharing, conveying heartfelt emotions and deep diving into comprehensive view angles to achieve problem-solving & influential solutions. Her strength is using emotional potentials to support leaders instill passion, transform organizational climate and lead to higher performance. Her training style is to bring a feeling of warmth, positiveness, joyfulness and understanding.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/huong-nguyen-thi-thuy-9992124b/

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