Workshop: Make your own Cakepops

Have you ever tried Cake-pops? With an eye-catching look and delicious taste, these lovely cake pops are great for desserts and holiday gifts. Wanna try to make it? Join us at the workshop organized by ????????? and ??? to:

? Explore the easy-to-make “cake”

? Taste the colorful “lollipop”

? Bring home your own delicious-inside-and-out “cake-pop”

✔️ Ingredients and equipment are provided

The workshop has a limit of 15 participants/ session/ site to ensure quality, early bird catches the worm!

Event information

  • ??? ???̂ ????? ???: ??/?/????, ??????
  • ??? ?????̂̃? ????? ???̣?: ??/?/????, ??????

? Price: 280,000vnd/pax, buy ticket at: https://bit.ly/mar-cakepop-nonmember

FREE for members, sign up here: https://bit.ly/mar-cakepop-member

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