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JobHopin is a talent recruitment platform powered by the most updated AI/machine learning tech. The platform makes recruiting easy by automatically matching your job requirements with the most qualified talent across 20+ recruitment channels in Vietnam.

With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to hire top talent for your team. Just share your position and company requirements, and JobHopin will filter out the most suitable and qualified leads. You can then set up interviews as you like and hire who you think is the most suitable for your team.

JobHopin has successfully analyzed over 1,000,000 candidates and has supported over 115,000 successful job interviews. Find the perfect talent for your team in the shortest possible time. As a Dreamplex member, you get 50% OFF the Standard (normal price: $99/month) and Premium (normal price: $499/month) packages. Each company is allowed a maximum of 3 subscriptions during the promotional period.

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