For a better workplace, we don’t have to wait for the future. We can enjoy it today. Discover how Dreamplex passionately designs and delivers a better day at work.

Workplace Experience
as a Service.

Companies don’t want an office per se, they just want great outputs from their teams. They want inspiration, creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

At the same, employees want a better day at work too. With over 90,000 hours spent at work, they deserve to have a job and workplace they can enjoy rather than endure.

Dreamplex will be your partner to deliver it all.

Driven by over 5 years of data and insights from running workplaces for startups, fast-growing SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, we know what it takes to create a great workplace experience. And how it can positively impact both companies and their employees.

That’s why we have made it our mission to reinvent what work is like. To give companies who care about their people a place and space for employees to belong, connect, learn, grow and develop towards their full potential. All the while doing their very best work for their inspiring companies.

Delivering all that is what we call, a better day at work.

Trusted by top companies

Your Brand. Your Office.

Starting at our newest locations, your company culture and brand comes first at Dreamplex.

With our Suites and HQ’s, your team will always know what company they work for. Convey your brand identity, your core values, and everything else that showcases what should make your team feel excited to work for you.

Discover how you can have the best of both worlds by combining private, branded offices with cost-saving shared amenities and services. Bring your team to Dreamplex, and offer less quantity, and more quality of work.

Private, branded offices
This is a photograph of Dreamplex Nguyen Trung Ngan

Not Service. Hospitality.

What’s better than a serviced office? Enjoying the 5-star care of the dedicated Dreamplex Member Experience team. Trained in hospitality, they understand that now more than ever, what makes a difference is the human touch.

Help build a sense of belonging for your teams and a professional, welcoming smile for your guests. Elevating the employee experience and creating the best impression for your guests starts at the front desk, every day.

Savvy Community.

A savvy community of startup founders & tech experts that come together for professional networking and collaboration. Join our community today to expand your network and exchange valuable insights.

AI tạo sinh

94% of employees stay longer at companies that invest in their development. Add soft and hard skill training to your employee experience without any cost.

Physical and mental wellbeing support is one the top 3 perks that young Vietnamese ask from their employer. Let us take care of your team for you.

Our members have spoken: social activities and creative workshops are their number one workplace activity.

The biggest driver for a better day at work is how the company itself approaches their employees. Let us help you transform from the inside.


“Dreamplex offered a very flexible office solution"

Dreamplex offered a very flexible office solution for Mainstream as we were entering the Vietnamese market, and Dreamplex allowed the flexibility for Mainstream to increase our office size as our activities grew. There are monthly social events, regular guest speakers on business and well-being, with the biggest benefit of Dreamplex offices being the opportunity to meet with many other businesses and the potential to work together. The Dreamplex team are very helpful, providing very quick responses to queries and always providing a friendly welcome on any issues arising within the Dreamplex facility.
Head Of Finance APAC - Mainstream Renewable Power

“Dreamplex offers excellent support"

Grasshopper has been with Dreamplex for almost 5 years. We've been through a lot together, and Dreamplex has always been there for us, even when we were just a small company with one employee. Today, we're a team of 25 people, and we're excited to keep growing with Dreamplex. Dreamplex has given us a great place to work, and they've helped us attract talented people. We're really happy with the service that Dreamplex provides.
Office Manager - Grasshopper

“Dreamplex gives us everything we want”

Looking for our new office in Hanoi, we knew that we need to keep our employees happy and want to make sure that they’re able to focus on their work rather than logistics issues. We looked at a few offices and then the current Dreamplex office we’re moving into, you know, it gives us everything that we want — big meeting room, very creative, beautifully done office, very central and frugal enough for a tech company like us.
Chief People Officer - Tiki

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Meet our leaders

From founding Dreamplex in 2015 to continuously innovating what workplaces in Vietnam should look like, these are the leaders that are behind Dreamplex.

Nguyen Trung Tin

Founder & Chairman

In 2015, Tin noticed that the startup scene in Vietnam was about to hit a big boom, and that it would create the need for a new type of office space. After months of working alongside experts in their fields, the first Dreamplex was born. Two months later, it was sold out. Since, Tin has guided the development of Dreamplex to what it is today – and supports actively on its future.

Meet Tin

Jonah Levey

Board Member

Jonah’s entire career has been focused on finding ways to positively impact people, both personally and professionally. After founding and managing VietnamWork, he joined Dreamplex. Here, he answered the key question: “Why would the best talent choose to work at your company and not your competitor?” Helping our member companies answer this burning question is what excited Jonah to build Dreamplex.

Meet Jonah

Daan van Rossum

Board Member

Daan joined Dreamplex as a consultant, then as Experience Director, and eventually took the CEO role in August 2021. Coming from a UX background, his focus has always been about putting the employee at the center, and completely reinventing what it’s like to come at work. This resulted in Dreamplex deliver hybrid solutions that offer “A Better Day at Work.”

Meet Daan

Zoee Nguyen


Zoee oversees the delivery of our “Better Day at Work” across all of our 5 locations. Her team takes care of sometimes complex customer requirements and ensures their team loves coming to the office. She manages hospitality, facilities, and everything in between.

Prior to joining Dreamplex, Zoee ran the largest WeWork in Southeast Asia.

Meet Zoee


Meet our

Of all companies I’ve worked for, Dreamplex has the most professional and challenging environment which offers me the opportunities to refine my skills and expand my networks to the fullest. However, at the same time, Dreamplex created the most cheerful, dynamic and fun culture that makes everyday working enjoyable.
Loc Truong
Finance Manager
Working at Dreamplex has been an incredible journey, filled with a vibrant, youthful, and dynamic atmosphere. What makes it even more remarkable is the freedom to exceed my job description, enabling me to grow and gain valuable hands-on experience. The opportunity to explore beyond my role has been truly rewarding, making this experience truly unforgettable.
Ngoc Nguyen
Senior Employee Experience Executive
During the time I worked at Dreamplex, I have upgraded my communication and leadership skills. It is truly grateful to work with all the talented and fun colleagues, who have inspired and support me wholeheartedly. Especially the young generation of Dreamplex, I learned many things from their hard-working and passionate attitude, and I know they learned a lot from me as well.
Tina Nguyen
Location Manager
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