Dreamplex is not just an office but a community that help you make your dreams come true. Services, Community, and Facilities help you grow faster. A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
Connect, experience, and mature
Our goal is to support our community however we can. When you're a smaller team facing a certain level of risk, it can be difficult to get a good rate from service providers. We understood that, and went to our partners to negotiate rates on behalf of our entire global community. That means the second your team joins Dreamplex, you get to take advantage of lower costs on things like a chance to access to mentors & Investors Community, free networking events, Access to community manager, Access to online Community, and Listed on Website of Dreamplex.
Events at Dreamplex
Events are an essential part of the DREAMPLEX global network. From regularly scheduled office hours with venture capitalists or other industry professionals, to cheese tastings with the whole community, we know how to work, and we know how to have fun. There are events, both social and professional, happening every day to help you build and maintain a strong team culture.


Luch and experience   Join  the catered lunch while our members share expertise, knowledge, and valuable tips.
Office hour   Opportunities meet with investors and industry leaders
Networking events  

Workshop, Investment organization help you expand professional circle with hundreds of events.

Dreamplex workspace design 3 floors (1,500sqm) building into spacious conference rooms, co-working shared desks, common lounge areas and private studios. The space offers plenty of windows and stunning views of the Central Business District and the heart of HCM city. The space is located directly in the city center; minutes from restaurants, transportation, parking, and great shopping areas. And most famously known for President Obama’s visit in 2016.
We are honored to receive great support from many domestic and international angel investors. They are all experienced entrepreneurs and business people who have years of experience running businesses and are passionate aboutbringing success to startup ecosystem as a whole and Dreamplex community in particular.
Dreamplex team of real estate, design, construction, architecture and operations experts are creating environments that increase productivity, spur innovation, and encourage collaboration. Our suite of enterprise solutions has your workspace needs covered. Moreover, Global network is the significant duty of young and dynamic Dreamplex Team.