Employer Branding and the Office: Your Biggest Opportunity in 2024?

How are you approaching Employer Branding?

In our fiercely competitive job market, particularly among the younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials, we really can’t emphasize the importance of Employer Branding enough.

Employer Branding is more than just recruitment; it’s like a way to wrap the heart and soul of your company, influencing everything from attracting potential employees to boosting engagement, retention, and even word of mouth.

This is particularly true in Vietnam, where the concept of employer branding is just beginning to gain traction.

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Employer Branding in Vietnam: Just Getting Started

However, while employer branding is a global best practice, recent findings by TalentBrand reveal that over half of companies engaging in employer branding in Vietnam are just starting. 

Only 5% of the companies the consultancy surveyed boast a well-developed employer brand, while 10% haven’t even started on employer branding. 

Robert Tran, CEO of RBNC, a consultancy in the US and APAC, commented on the state of employer branding in Vietnam:

“Compared to the global landscape, Vietnam's employer branding practices remain in the early stages of maturity. On a global scale, employer branding has long been considered a critical component of successful talent acquisition and retention strategies.” 

The report indicates that many companies don't prioritize employer branding due to budget constraints, with the majority spending less than $5,000 annually on such initiatives. 

This limited budget often focuses on social media engagement, internal communications, recruiting events, culture sharing, and referral programs.

Smart Employer Branding: Your Office

While sharing the office and workplace is a key pillar of employer branding social content for most companies, according to the report, savvy leaders should consider rethinking their office spaces with employer branding in mind.

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Rethinking your office space can significantly enhance your employer brand, as leading companies worldwide showcase. 

Tech giants like Google and Facebook have long used workplaces to strengthen their employer brands. They design their spaces to encourage creativity, collaboration, and a genuine sense of belonging. 

Google’s and Facebook’s offices are famous for their open layouts and wellness centers, which promote interaction and innovation, reflecting their mission and focus on community.

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In Vietnam, the VNG Campus is a great example of an office so attractive, that it’s part of why people want to work for the company. The campus includes thousands of workstations, collaborative spaces, a gym, coffee shops, and even a swimming pool.

Flexible Offices and Coworking are Prime Employer Brand Drivers

But you don’t have to be Google, Facebook, or VNG to have an office that boosts your Employer Brand. And you certainly don’t have to build up your own campus. 

Switching to flexible offices or coworking spaces, inherently designed for community and engagement, offers a great and cost-efficient solution. 

We may be biased, but these vibrant spaces cut the costs associated with traditional office setups and immerse your team in vibrant, diverse professional communities. This positively impacts their workplace perception without any upfront costs for companies. 

Especially when combined with hybrid work models, these employer branding benefits are above and beyond the typical advantages of flexible offices for rent:

  • Cost Efficiency: Flexible offices and coworking spaces are ready-made for you to move in, removing the need for expensive CapEx budgets toward office space design and construction. 
  • Inclusive Pricing: Operators like Dreamplex offer all-inclusive pricing, covering rent, utilities, IT costs, reception services, F&B, and other amenities, which helps businesses manage budgets effectively and avoid hidden costs.
  • Flexible Terms: Coworking spaces allow for month-to-month agreements or short-term leases, ideal for companies that can’t accurately predict their headcount for the next 5 years. 
  • Managed Services: These spaces are fully managed, which means businesses don't have to handle administrative tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, and reception services, freeing them to focus on core activities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Coworking environments foster community and networking among diverse professionals, offering chances for collaboration and business partnerships.
  • Accessibility and Sustainability: Located in central areas with good public transport links and often in green-certified buildings, these spaces appeal to companies and employees focused on sustainability and ease of access.

Navigating Branding Challenges in Coworking Spaces


While coworking spaces offer numerous benefits, maintaining a consistent employer brand across different locations can pose a challenge. 

Dreamplex solves this by offering new concepts like Dreamplex Private, combining the best flexible offices, such as all-inclusive pricing and flexible contracts, with dedicated floors accessible only to companies' teams and guests.

At Dreamplex Private Trần Quốc Toản in District 3, HCMC, companies get their fully private and access-controlled floor with their own workstations, meeting rooms, hangout spots, pantry, and storage space. 

Even the latest Dreamplex Le Hien Mai, District 2, which focuses on elegant French-Vietnamese design and sustainable materials, has options for semi-private or fully private office floors, including meeting rooms and a pantry. 

Even with all this privacy and optionality for company branding, team members can still access all shared spaces, like the unique Sky Deck and additional meeting rooms.

Dreamplex elevates your workspace, leaving a lasting impression on top talent

The Bottom Line: It’s Time to Act

According to the TalentBrand study, 76% of job seekers look into a company’s employer brand before applying, and 96% are drawn to companies known for a strong, positive employer brand. 

These statistics are a loud wake-up call for savvy leaders, especially in emerging markets like Vietnam, to get creative and proactive with their employer branding strategies.

Flexible offices and coworking spaces present a golden opportunity for companies facing budget constraints. They offer cost-effective ways to boost employer branding and attract top talent. 

By adopting this model, your company steps up its recruitment game and fosters an inclusive, innovative work culture that meets global standards.

Flexible offices distinguish your company in a crowded market and make it a place where people are excited to come to work and proud to be part of something bigger.

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what our workspaces can do for our companies!

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