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Real estate owners can obtain up to 2x revenue versus traditional rent with Dreamplex partnership. Find out how.

5 ways flex delivers you more value than a traditional lease


You can rent out your building easily & quickly with flexible lease terms, and ready-to-go offices for tenants of all sizes


You will increase your property, brand, and portfolio value with great design and enhanced amenities for the whole building


You will gain higher rent premiums across the entire building, offering access to amenities, events, and hospitality


You can access a new tenant market including growth companies that will grow from flex space to full floors


You will build better, more valuable, relationships with your tenants

Why partner with Dreamplex?

Dreamplex is the most experienced flexible office provider in Vietnam with a unique product that fits the market demand.


2 x More Revenue

Partnering with Dreamplex can give you 2x more revenue compared to traditional rent because we fill buildings faster and deliver higher rent premiums.

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Most experienced

Dreamplex was the first flexible workplace for SMEs in Vietnam and has been successful since 2015, with 5 (and more to come) locations in the across Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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Best product

Based on years of research, we don’t just sell flexible offices. We offer flexible workplace experiences, designed to engage and retain tenants. We deliver the wining combination of flexible workspaces, services, and amenities that bring out the best in your asset.

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Sales experts

We get more leads, do more tours, and our spaces fill up faster. As a result, we have achieved location-level profitability in all our mature sites.

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Retention champions

Our members are almost exclusively larger, mature companies that stay in our spaces longer. This means that our revenues are stable and diverse.


International team

We have a uniquely experienced team from Vietnam, Europe, and the U.S. that deeply understands the Vietnamese customers and the local flexible workplace market.


From multi-function building to workplace of the future

Originally, our partner Vy Trinh of Luxury Lifestyle had commissioned a Japanese architecture firm to build a multi-function building that would span retail, gallery, and workspace. But being a visionary and seeing the opportunity in flexible workplaces, Mr. Vy turned to Dreamplex to transform the project.

With the partnership in place, Dreamplex partnered with T3 Architects, Kobi Lighting Studio, Artelia Energy Consulting, and Harmonie Construction to build a workplace designed for wellbeing. Prioritizing eco-focused design solutions, natural materials, WELL-standard lighting design, and lots of green – the group delivered on the belief that a better, healthier way to work is not only possible, but a must.

Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy
Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy

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