Sell the future of the workplace with the Dreamplex “Better Day at Work” solution. Offer private offices with the best of flexible office space to your tenant customers.

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In these fast-changing times, your CRE expertise is more important than ever to help tenant customers navigate the options the modern workplace industry provides. Partner with Dreamplex to offer your clients innovative solutions that give them the best of both worlds: the privacy, branding, and professionalism of the traditional office, and the flexibility, shared services and spaces and cost savings of flexible offices.

Evolved from the first coworking provider, only Dreamplex has 5 years of data from running office solutions for hundreds of companies in Vietnam. Based on our insights, we have developed workplace solutions that fit a range of tenants from high-growth teams to large, mature companies.

Why your clients need a Better Day at Work?

Your client doesn’t need an office

We know it, but often don’t say it: clients don’t want offices, they just want productive, engaged, collaborative teams. That’s why we offer a Better Day at Work through our unique Workplace Experience as a Service platform, and not an office.

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The best of both worlds

Let your clients enjoy the best of traditional offices with all the benefits of a flexible workplace. Give them fully branded, private offices that have access to all the shared spaces and amenities a Dreamplex location provides.

Gen Z and the Workplace

No investment

Depending on availability and your clients’ needs, workplace solutions can be move-in ready or quickly configured. And, compared to traditional lease, there is no need for upfront investments into building out the space.

How we create value


Forget about one-size-fits-all or price-by-desk models. Our workplace design team will partner with you to create bespoke proposals for your clients.


We are your partner at every step along the way, supporting any questions or change requests from your client.


Upon deal, you get the full commission as outlined in your broker partnership agreement with Dreamplex.

Discover the Dreamplex

For your clients to be successful in attracting and retaining the best talent in the market, they will need more than just an office. That’s why Dreamplex offers Workplace Experience as a Service – a combination of professional workspace, 5-star care, and a range of programs and activities to make every day a better day at work for their teams.

Private, branded offices

Their Brand. Their Office.

A company’s culture and brand comes first at Dreamplex. As opposed to typical coworking offerings in the market, we design workplace solutions that give your clients the best of both worlds by combining private, branded offices with cost-saving shared amenities and services.

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Not Service. Hospitality.

What’s better than a serviced office? Enjoying the Dreamplex 5-star care. Elevating the employee experience and creating the best impression for your guests starts at the front desk, every day.

This is a photograph of Dreamplex Tran Quang Khai

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Excited to partner?

The Dreamplex team is excited to support you in bringing the future of work to your clients today. Contact Toan Nguyen, our Sales Director at toan.nguyen@dreamplex.co or fill out the form below to receive more information about becoming a broker partner for Dreamplex.