6 Types of Event Spaces to Consider for Your Next Company Event

Event spaces are where important events take place, from immersive training sessions to collaborative workshops and leadership development programs, our event spaces foster learning and growth.

A suitable space plays a defining role in the overall experience of both organizers and participants of these meetings. 

However, as each event has different goals, it is difficult for many businesses to find the right event space.

In this article, Dreamplex will help you understand the most common types of event spaces, the pros and cons of each type, and how to choose the right event space for your next event.

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Why do companies need a good event space?

The importance of choosing the right event space is undeniable. 

The perfect event space can benefit you in the following ways:

1. Achieve the event goal  

Whatever your event’s goal, the right event space helps you achieve it.

If your goal is to increase team bonding, a formal event like a hotel ballroom will not lead to a successful outcome.

Reversely, if you’re looking to impress VIP customers, an informal space won’t do the job.

The event venue you choose is the first thing that guests see and feel, and from which they assess the quality and value of the event.

The right venue has the right location, style, and amenities for an event experience that helps you achieve what you want with your event.

2. Organize events smoothly

It’s often not just about space.

While the physical event space and its location are important, the on-site team and amenities can play a big role in ensuring you have a successful event.

A well-equipped venue with essential services and amenities ensures a seamless experience, minimizing logistical and preparation challenges.

The ideal event space serves all your needs, from high-speed internet and advanced audio-visual to convenient parking options and dedicated spaces for the right food and drinks.

This support lets you focus on your event’s content, ensuring peace of mind and enhancing overall effectiveness.

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3. Enhance Brand Image and Perception

Whether its your own team or a group of high-value sales prospects, the choice of event space can significantly impact how attendees perceive your brand. 

A venue that aligns with your company’s values and aesthetics can reinforce your brand identity and leave a lasting impression. 

Whether an innovative tech space for a startup or an elegant, sophisticated venue for a luxury brand, the event space should reflect and amplify your brand’s image. 

What are the most popular types of event spaces?

Each type of event space is unique and comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Understanding these options is essential to making an informed decision for your next business event.

Here are 6 common event space types and their unique features:

1. Coworking Spaces:

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Coworking spaces can set the perfect tone for a lively event, especially premium providers like Dreamplex. 

They are built with experience in mind while still providing a business context. 

Advantages: A dynamic and creative environment is a hallmark of coworking spaces. 

Offering flexible layout settings and equipment means they can be used for networking events, seminars, workshops, town halls, and other common company meetings.

In the case of Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy and Dreamplex Le Hien Mai, event visitors are greeted in a lush, green environment, contributing to the important ESG goals most companies have nowadays.  

This event space type is well-suited for small and medium-sized events requiring high interaction between organizers and participants and where professional support and facilities are key.

Coworking spaces also offer event spaces by the hour and allow you to choose to execute your event, significantly reducing costs.

Disadvantages: A limitation of this type of venue is its low capacity. 

Coworking spaces may not be the right venue for events requiring a space that can accommodate over 100 guests.

Dreamplex is one of the most prominent names in Vietnam’s growing coworking space market.

Dreamplex is a leading coworking space company that also provides professional event spaces. With a capacity of up to 80 pax and support for various event layouts, Dreamplex caters to diverse needs. 

Customers are fully served with screens, projectors, speakers, and microphones, making Dreamplex a comprehensive solution for business events and meeting rooms.

The hospitality member experience team also ensures that event planning goes smoothly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

2. Conference Centers:

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Conference centers like GEM Center, Thiskyhall Sala, and SECC Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center are the leading choice for large-scale conferences and events where costs are less important.

These centers are experienced in running a wide variety of events. 

While this comes at a significant cost, it allows you to rely on their professional teams to handle most event logistics.

Advantages: Professional spaces, well-equipped facilities, and conference centers provide spacious venues for large-scale events and conferences, making them suitable for gatherings of hundreds or more.

Disadvantages: Cost might be an issue, and the formal atmosphere of conference centers is less conducive to more creative and informal types of gatherings.

3. Hotels:

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Like conference centers, leading hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are highly experienced in running well-oiled events for you.

From a small roundtable to a large-scale event similar to those in conference venues, hotels can take over most of your event logistics – if you’re willing to pay for it, of course.

Advantages: Hotels offer a comprehensive solution with on-site accommodation, catering services, and diverse event spaces suitable for conferences and other meetings that require on-site dining services.

Disadvantages: The expense may be higher, and the ambiance can be less unique compared to more unconventional venues.

4. Museums:

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Museums offer a unique and culturally rich setting, providing an extraordinary backdrop for events that inspire creativity and engagement.

In Vietnam, there aren’t many museums that allow external events, but we’ve seen some interesting examples like the exhibition “Nếp xưa” and “Con đường” at the Hanoi Museum.

It may be hard work to throw your next event at a museum, but it could be worth it for the experience!

5. Sports Venue:

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If you want to go big, sports venues like 7th Military Region Stadium may be a good choice.

Sports venues and arenas boast large capacities and a dynamic setting, ideal for high-energy events, trade shows, or product launches.

This venue is suitable for thousands of people and events requiring large available space but may require a lot of additional work and expenses. 

6. Outdoor Space:

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Outdoor spaces, from sprawling gardens to charming rooftop terraces and lively public parks, offer a unique and refreshing setting for a variety of events. Some outdoor event spaces such as: Thao Dien Village, Gem Center, Villa Song Saigon,…

Advantages: The natural ambiance of outdoor spaces provides a refreshing and versatile backdrop, suitable for a range of events from weddings to team retreats.

Disadvantages: Outdoor events are weather-dependent and may pose logistical challenges, requiring careful planning. Lack of preparation may pose major obstacles to these events due to the unavailability of supplies.

What to Consider for an Event Space in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi

1. Location: 

The most important things to consider are the event space’s location and, therefore, the travel time of your guests, especially with the hectic traffic in Vietnam.

A great location nearby where your guests live or work enhances the overall experience for participants, as convenient and quick transportation contributes to their comfort. 

Additionally, a convenient location lets you, as an organizer, quickly address emergencies or shortcomings during the event.

2. AV Equipment:

For an event to go well, professional audio-visual equipment like microphones and speakers, projectors and screens for presentations, and live-streaming abilities can make a huge difference.

A well-equipped venue often has audio-visual facilities and technical support, ensuring the event unfolds seamlessly. (You won’t always be familiar with the AV at a venue you haven’t worked with before!)

3. Capacity and Minimums: 

A careful assessment of an event space’s ability to comfortably accommodate the guest list is critical to prevent overcrowding and ensure a comfortable environment. 

At the same, you should also understand any spending requirements that may be in place and make sure it aligns with your budget.

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4. Level of Support

How much support you’ll get before and during the event could make a big difference. If you have big in-house event team, this may not be of concern.

But if you’re an HR or business leader and you need a few more helping hands (and brains), then an event venue that has run your kind of meeting before makes life a lot easier.

For example, the Dreamplex team has experience running most types of business events for over eight years, and make it very easy for you to deliver a great guest experience.

5. Layout: 

The layout of the event space contributes significantly to the overall ambiance and engagement level. 

The flexibility in space arrangement allows you as the organized to tailor the venue to suit the specific format of your event.

Thoughtful consideration of seating arrangements enhances audience interaction, contributing to optimal engagement.

6. Catering and F&B:

For certain meetings, a bottle of water with glasses for all participants may be enough.

Sometimes, you’ll want coffee and tea before or after your gathering.

But for most meetings over an hour, you’ll want to think about some kind of catering, from a lunch after your workshop to drinks before an evening event.

Considering your F&B requirements can lead you to select a different type of venue. As a rule, on-site catering teams are often easier to deal with then external vendors. 

Most hotels and conference centers will give you one point of contact for everything in your event, including F&B.

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Choosing the right event space is crucial for the success of your company’s next event. 

With six common types of event spaces, we hope to have conveyed the importance of aligning your venue choice with your event’s goals, audience, and brand identity. 

Whether you’re aiming for increased team bonding, impressing VIP customers, or enhancing brand perception, understanding the pros and cons of each space type—from coworking spaces and conference centers to hotels, museums, sports venues, and outdoor spaces—will guide you in making an informed decision. 

Key considerations such as location, AV equipment, capacity, support level, layout, and catering options further refine this decision-making process. 

Ultimately, selecting the appropriate event space in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi will ensure a memorable, effective, and smooth-running event that achieves your desired outcomes.

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