Tech Trend: Leverage Business Potential with AI Generative

by Dreamplex News 13 Jul 2023
AI tạo sinh

With remarkable advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a hot topic in the tech world. Specifically, generative AI is seen as the next platform for products and services that will fundamentally change the nature of work. This has significant implications for business managers who may have concerns about embracing innovation, managing a changing work environment, and incorporating AI into daily operations. Understanding these concerns, the “Leverage Business Potential with AI Generation” event, organized by Dreamplex, brought together guest speakers from Curieous, Sipher, and Amazon Web Service ASEAN, along with over 40 C-level and D-level executives from various companies. The event provided a platform for managers to meet, share, and gain multidimensional insights.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to explore the potential of generative AI and how it can enhance business efficiency. The speakers shared their knowledge and experiences, shedding light on the importance of generative AI in creating opportunities for businesses.

“Let’s AI work, while you sleep!” – Mr. Tin Nguyen, Founder of Sipher.
AI is transforming the way we work and live. It not only brings remarkable advancements in performance and speed but also offers us the opportunity to enjoy life and personal time.

As technology advances, AI becomes smarter and more flexible. It can process large amounts of data, analyze complex information, and automate various tasks. This provides us with the opportunity to plan and establish automated processes in our daily work.

By leveraging the available AI tools and applications, we can optimize our daily tasks and strike a balance between work and personal life. This not only enhances our efficiency but also provides us with time and space to pursue other important passions and goals in life.

AI tạo sinh

“Don’t hesitate with new technology, roll up your sleeves and give it a try, and we won’t have negative misconceptions about technology anymore” – Ms. My Nguyen, Prototype Architect at Amazon Web Service ASEAN.

In today’s rapidly changing digital era, we often encounter new technologies. However, due to hesitations and fear of falling behind, we may easily develop negative misconceptions or overlook the potential of these technologies. Therefore, instead of hesitating, we should roll up our sleeves and start using and applying new technologies.

Importantly, one does not need to be an AI expert right from the start. In reality, we can learn gradually, step by step. By exploring and experimenting, we can grasp how new technologies work and the benefits they offer.

New technologies bring immense potential and opportunities for businesses. They enable us to optimize our work, enhance creativity, and foster personal development. Additionally, technology serves as a powerful tool for connecting and interacting with others worldwide. Let’s not allow fear to become a barrier that inhibits us from accessing the modern industrial landscape.

AI tạo sinh

One notable aspect is the ability of Generative AI to enhance business decision-making. With its capability to process large volumes of data and analyze complex information, this technology provides managers with a comprehensive and detailed view of business operations, enabling them to make intelligent and timely decisions.

Generative AI also plays a significant role in optimizing workflow processes. Its automation of repetitive and mundane tasks helps reduce time and effort while enhancing productivity. This not only enables cost savings for businesses but also creates an environment where employees can focus on more creative and strategic tasks.

AI tạo sinh

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