Toong or Dreamplex? How to Choose the Best Coworking Space for You


If you’re in the market for a coworking space, you’ll likely have seen both Toong and Dreamplex. Which one is the right choice for you?

In this article, we’ll share the differences and for whom we believe each brand is the right choice.

Toong or Dreamplex: Differences at a Glance

While both Toong and Dreamplex offer similar services, the differences between the two brands are stark.

Toong Coworking


Toong focuses on an artistic environment where early startups and some more established companies operate their businesses alongside freelancers and remote workers. 

The price is often lower than Dreamplex, which is reflected in the physical spaces, facilities, and service. 

At Toong, you’ll find friendly team members who are often happy to help you if you need to troubleshoot meeting room bookings, your office space, Wi-Fi or printing (which they’ll do for you.)

Overall, Toong is a good choice for startups for whom budget is a key factor and still want a lively and social experience at work but care less about the level of professionalism of spaces and services.



Dreamplex was founded over 8 years ago and has made a name for itself by continuously reinventing what the workplace in Vietnam looks like. 

The team has three core pillars to offer a premium workplace experience to more established companies, including major international brands:

  • Your Brand. Your Office. You’ll rarely see the Dreamplex logo, as the team knows it’s your brand and company culture that should lead. 
  • Not Service. Hospitality. We believe we’re in the hospitality business, not the real estate one. Dreamplex teams have a 5-star hospitality background and deliver more than just service in the office. 
  • Community and Programming. Dreamplex connects likeminded CEOs, business professionals, and local team members in interest groups through lively programming, ensuring there’s always a great reason to enjoy coming to work.

While Dreamplex spaces and services are premium and professional, its prices provide significantly more value than international coworking brands in Vietnam. 

Dreamplex balances an international image with local touches well and often gets high marks from its customers for pleasing local team members and visiting global or regional executives alike.

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Toong or Dreamplex: Which One is Right for You?

While unavoidably a bit biased, we believe Dreamplex to be the right choice for local and international companies looking for an elevated workplace experience without the high costs of WeWork or Regus. 

With regular promotions, Dreamplex is in reach for most companies’ budgets. See our coworking spaces, offices for rent, meeting rooms, or virtual offices.  


For startups prioritizing a lower cost, even if it means a more informal setting and lower-grade spaces, amenities, and services, Toong is still a great option.


Some specifications to help you make up your mind are below:

  Toong Dreamplex
Number of locations in Vietnam 12 5
Coworking space.
Private offices
Entire unbranded floors or buildings
Latest location opened 2023 2024 (Dreamplex Le Hien Mai, Thanh My Loi)
International Grade Facilities like reception, premium private offices, and event spaces  
International Grade Meeting Rooms with acoustically sealed walls  
Acoustically sealed phone booths for Teams and Zoom calls  
Wifi Fairly fast internet. Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi with options for Private networks.
Printing By sending files to the reception team. Wireless secure cloud-based printing. Print from your desk or home to any Dreamplex location.
Coffee Sachets of instant coffee and barista coffee for purchase in some locations. Italian espresso machines with fresh beans for americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos.
Price Typically from 2,800,000-4,500,000 Typically from 2,800,000-6,000,000

Support for scaling local and international businesses

Dreamplex has the experience and team to support ambitious local companies and international enterprises on their growth journey in Vietnam.

We work with leading international brands to deliver and scale highly professional workplace experiences, including:

  • Custom-designed premium private offices.
  • Dedicated secure Wi-Fi networks.
  • Server co-location.
  • ESG compliance reports.
  • and more.

Our team is well-versed in working with regional procurement teams, other stakeholders, and the country manager or business leader to build and maintain competitive workplace plans.

Elevate your team’s productivity and creativity with a modern workspace at Dreamplex.

“Grasshopper has been with Dreamplex for almost 5 years. We’ve been through a lot together, and Dreamplex has always been there for us, even when we were just a small company with one employee. Today, we’re a team of 25 people, and we’re excited to keep growing with Dreamplex. Dreamplex has given us a great place to work, and they’ve helped us attract talented people. We’re really happy with the service that Dreamplex provides.” – Sarh Tran, Office Manager of Grasshopper

Already, Dreamplex has worked with some of the leading global brands and the most inspiring local startups and scaleups:

Is Dreamplex for you?

If the workplace experience matters, we believe so.

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Find out how it will help make your team more engaged, collaborative, and productive.

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