WeWork vs. Dreamplex: Which coworking space provider is better?

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When it comes to coworking spaces, WeWork stands out as a popular choice. 

It’s top-of-mind for many businesses and individuals worldwide looking for flexible and professional workspaces.

However, in the past decade, several local flexible office and coworking space providers have emerged to challenge WeWork’s position.

In Vietnam, one of those providers is Dreamplex.

In this article, we’ll share the differences between WeWork and Dreamplex and for whom we believe each brand is the right choice.

About WeWork

WeWork provides offices and coworking spaces globally, from New York to Tokyo.

At first, the company’s goal was to create communal workspaces for young tech entrepreneurs. Over time, although financially challenged, it has remained committed to provide individuals and companies “workspace where and when you need it.”

WeWork attracts a broad range of professionals, but due to its cost, it is most suitable for well-funded scaleups and SMEs. Enterprises are another key customer segment for WeWork; certain WeWork locations have complete floors set aside for larger businesses.

Prepare to dig deep, though. With banner customers like Microsoft, IBM, and HSBC, WeWork offers a premium office at a premium price. In countries like Singapore, a single desk can cost S$1,200 or 21 million VND per month. 

In Vietnam, WeWork memberships start from 6,1 million to 9 million VND per month, around $250 – $370, and cater mostly to established businesses and startups with hefty budgets.

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Key features of WeWork:

  • Global Reach: With WeWork, you have one partner for all your global office needs. While flexible services like On-Demand and All Access come at a price, it makes WeWork attractive for big global companies like Facebook. 
  • Professional Design: WeWork’s design style is colorful, vibrant, and energetic, while offices are fitted with desks and chairs adhering to the global WeWork standard. This helps to create a welcoming and inspiring environment where employees can thrive.
  • Lively Experience: The days of free-flowing beer on tap and a constant stream of events and activities are long over for WeWork since its financial turmoil started. However, the coworking brand still provides neat amenities and activates key holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. 

About Dreamplex

Dreamplex was founded over 8 years ago and has made a name for itself by continuously reinventing what the workplace in Vietnam looks like. 

In the past eight years, Dreamplex established coworking spaces and flexible offices across Vietnam, now counting 5 locations including the newly launched Dreamplex Le Hien Mai in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Dreamplex spaces stand out compared to WeWork because they balance international standards with local touches, with a focus on the company’s (your) brand.  

You’ll find enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, large-size desks with comfortable chairs, professional meeting rooms with the latest AV equipment, Ricoh cloud printing systems that let your print from anywhere, and a steady stream of espresso-based coffees, tea, and detox water. 

Experience matters a lot too at Dreamplex. The team organizes regular community and employee experience events, from sustainability workshops to creative sessions. These foster a sense of belonging and keep people excited about coming to the office.

While providing international, enterprise-level facilities and services, Dreamplex is significantly more affordable than WeWork. It has hot desks starting at 3 million VND or $123 per month and private offices hovering around 5 million ($213) monthly.

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Key features of Dreamplex:

The team has three core pillars to offer a premium workplace experience to more established companies, including major international brands:

  • Your Brand. Your Office. You’ll rarely see the Dreamplex logo, as the team knows it’s your brand and company culture that should lead. 
  • Not Service. Hospitality. We believe we’re in the hospitality business, not the real estate one. Dreamplex teams have a 5-star hospitality background and deliver more than just service in the office. 
  • Community and Programming. Dreamplex connects like-minded CEOs, business professionals, and local team members in interest groups through lively programming, ensuring there’s always a great reason to enjoy coming to work.

While Dreamplex workspaces and services are premium and professional, their prices provide significantly more value than international coworking brands in Vietnam. 

Dreamplex balances an international image with local touches well and often gets positive customer feedback for providing good services to local team members and visiting global or regional executives.

Elevate your team’s productivity and creativity with a modern workspace at Dreamplex.

Comparing WeWork and Dreamplex

We may be biased, but we believe that for most companies in Vietnam, Dreamplex is a better fit than WeWork, unless large global contracts or esteem play a role.

Some of the benefits Dreamplex provides includes:

  • Larger Vietnam Network: Compared to WeWork, Dreamplex offers five locations versus two.
  • Value for Money: Putting the products side by side, there’s significantly more value for money at Dreamplex.
  • Newest Locations: While WeWork launched two successful locations in Vietnam, it’s no longer expanding and the existing locations are not updated further to the latest company requirements.
  WeWork Dreamplex
Number of locations in Vietnam. 2 5
Coworking space.
Meeting Rooms.
Entire unbranded floors or buildings.
Membership Access to All Locations.
Latest location opened in Vietnam. 2020 (WeWork Lim Tower)
2019 (WeWork E-town Central)
2024 (Dreamplex Le Hien Mai, Thanh My Loi)
Building Type. Premium, Grade A Boutique
International Grade Facilities like reception, premium private offices, and event spaces.
Acoustically sealed phone booths for Teams and Zoom calls.
Style. Modern office layouts, with strong WeWork branding. Professional office layouts with your company branding.
Wi-Fi. Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi with options for Private networks. Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi with options for Private networks.
Printing. Use the WeWork Print driver or drag and drop feature on the Member network. Wireless secure cloud-based printing. Print from your desk or home to any Dreamplex location.
Coffee. Unlimited tea & coffee in the kitchen. Italian espresso machines with fresh beans for americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos, alongside tea and detox water.
Price. Typically from 6,100,000-9,000,000. Typically from 2,800,000-5,000,000.
Privacy. Many offices have glass walls, though frosting is available for those businesses with privacy concerns. Well-designed spaces with dedicated areas for focused work and private phone booths.

So, which works better – WeWork or Dreamplex?

While the choice depends on your specific needs, Dreamplex offers a compelling alternative to WeWork for both local and international companies seeking a premium workspace experience without the hefty price tag. 

Dreamplex’s diverse spaces cater to various workstyles, from open-plan areas to private offices, while WeWork focuses primarily on sleek, minimalist aesthetics.

Don’t just take our word for it. Explore our coworking spaces, offices for rent, meeting rooms, event spaces, or virtual offices, and experience the Dreamplex difference.

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Ultimately, the best coworking space or flexible office is the one that makes you feel productive, inspired, and connected. 

Contact us now for a tour and find your perfect workspace!

Already, Dreamplex has worked with some of the leading global brands and the most inspiring local startups and scaleups:

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