5 benefits of coworking space

by Daan van Rossum 15 Dec 2021

More and more companies are choosing coworking space as a superior alternative to traditional offices. There are plenty of advantages, but still many companies wonder: what really are the benefits of a coworking space? In this article, we will address 5 benefits of coworking space and one big theme to wrap it all up. The 5 benefits are flexibility, productivity, less work, great IT, and hybrid work-readiness.


Flexibility is the most obvious benefit. Because coworking spaces are turn-key, meaning ready to move in, a company doesn’t need much time to start using their new office.

At the same time, they can expand and often contract as they please. This means that if the company grows, or there is less demand for workspace, the coworking space can accommodate this. In a traditional lease, this is impossible – you commit to your amount of m2 for many years. In a VUCA world, having flexibility is key.


Productivity is another key benefit. In the words of Antony Slumbers, a real estate strategist in the UK: “Companies don’t want offices, they want a productive workforce.” Companies don’t want to pay for an office, as it’s just a cost. But designed and used well, the office can also make people more productive, more collaborative, more innovative.

Coworking spaces are designed just for that purpose and in fact, make people more productive. Especially larger coworking brands like Industrious, WeWork, and Dreamplex have designed and operated many spaces. This made them experts in understanding what works, and what doesn’t. Meaning that the company gets the very best office, that helps them get the most out of their people.

Less Work

While your employees will be doing more and better work in a great flexible office, the company will do less. All the work that comes with running an office, from designing it, to operating it, maintaining it, can now be outsourced to the coworking operator.

Anyone who’s run an office before, knows that this is a tremendous benefit. As the company can leave this work to the operator, they can simply focus on growing their business and improving their performance.

Great IT

With more work happening online, and through conference calls like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, the IT requirements from companies have increased a lot. For large companies, this is no problem, as they would have a dedicated IT department and the budgets to invest in, and constantly maintain, superior IT solutions. For companies under 200 people or so, this is not the case.

Being able to outsource the IT requirements to the coworking operator, who maintains the networks on behalf of all companies in the space, is a huge cost and time savings. While delivering a better experience for employees. Especially larger coworking operators like Dreamplex even offer companies ways to customize their IT environment, with services like dedicated bandwidth, dedicated wireless networks, and more.

Hybrid Work-Readiness

More and more companies in Vietnam embrace hybrid work, agile work, or Work from Anywhere strategies. Coworking spaces and flexible offices enable companies to do this better and quicker.

Work from home can be combined with work near home at flexible desks inside coworking spaces, as well as a main head office. This head office can be in a traditional office building or even within a flexible office like Dreamplex. One membership with Dreamplex for example, allows companies to access tens of lounges, pantries, meeting rooms, and event spaces across Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

With technology platforms like DreamOS, companies have an operating system that allows employees to book a workspace, collaboration space, or even a full office for an hour, day, week, or more, all through one platform. This makes workspaces truly on-demand and provides a win-win for companies and employees.

All together: a Better Employee Experience.

All of the benefits mentioned before come together in what perhaps is the largest benefit: a better employee experience. Companies are nothing but a group of people, and the better the people in a company, the better the business does.

Providing a competitive employee experience allows companies to attract, engage, and retain the best talent better. A great office is key to this employee experience. The best coworking operators will ensure that employees love coming to the offices by combining inspiring design, hospitality-level care, engaging activities, and great facilities.

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