The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a health crisis. It’s also gravely impacting most businesses, especially startups and small and medium-sized businesses with unprecedented severity. This is the vast majority of the members of Dreamplex.

We have grown Dreamplex with a desire to support entrepreneurs, startups of all stages, and small and medium-sized businesses in their quest for success. We’ve made it our mission to positively impact our members, personally and professionally. In good times, and maybe more importantly, in difficult times. Here at Dreamplex, every one of us is committed to supporting you, in every way we are able to during this crisis.

We will continue to update this page with information that is important for you, your team and your business as things evolve. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, please reach out to our dedicated “COVID-19 Care” Task Force:

Information about the Dreamplex workspaces

July 27, 2020 update: As 2 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Da Nang, after 99 days of no community transmission here in Vietnam, we will be reinstating some of our safety precautions at our locations and keeping close eye on the news as it develops.

There is currently no known spread to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, however, we are asking those who:
Have traveled to Da Nang from July 18 2020
Have had contact with the confirmed cases (F1);
Have had contact with someone who had contact with the confirmed cases (F2);
to not work from a Dreamplex location for 14 days after your/their return from Da Nang, and to inform us as soon as you can.

Safety measures for our spaces

  • Mandatory temperature checks will happen in our lobbies and parking areas. This, in combination with disinfecting your hands is required to get into any of our buildings and elevators.
  • We have increased our cleaning schedule, the number of deep cleanings, and the strength of our cleaning products.

Playing your part

We also ask that you inform us immediately:

  • If you develop any of the symptoms.
  • If you spot someone that displays any of the symptoms in the workplace.
  • If you think you have been in direct or indirect contact with an F0 (confirmed positive case), F1 (someone in close contact with a positive case) or F2 (someone in indirect contact with a potential case).

We know all of these safety measures take some time and effort for you, but we do what it takes to keep our community safe.

Let’s play our role in keeping the community safe!

Team preparedness & training

We have written an extensive playbook with every possible scenario to make sure we are prepared, no matter what comes. All of our location teams are trained on what to do in each scenario. No matter what happens, this means you’ll be in good hands.

More information? Questions? Concerns?

Contact our “COVID-19 Care” Task Force
Our COVID-19 Care Task Force is always on top of updates made by global and local health authorities and have worked together with the team, vendors and contractors to implement numerous measures to keep our community safe.

This Task Force constantly reviews the current state of the disease in Vietnam, and the world, to inform any new safety measures and communications that ensure our community’s safety. You can reach us via

Staying connected and informed

We are doing our best to help everyone as best as we can at the locations and online. Please forgive us if there is a delay in our response time as at times we’re busy dealing with many different queries. Our DreamBuilders – our name for our team – are also affected by this unprecedented public health crisis, but we are all rising to the challenge and will do our best to serve you. If you have any questions, please contact our COVID-19 Care Task Force at

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