Online Talkshow: Achieve Your 2021’s Resolutions

Empowering stories from 2 successful young leaders

“As an entrepreneur, I believe that regardless of what happens, you need to keep on going in your personal life and career. If one opportunity doesn’t work out then keep going and find the next one. Some many important moments and events took my career to the next level. But even if they didn’t happen, I would have carried on and found another way to succeed. It may have taken longer but I believe that eventually a different event would have taken their place.”, Xuan Nguyen – Co-founder of Fonos shares about her difficulties when starting her own start-up companies. (Vietcetera)


Planning and pursuing personal goals require great resilience and regenerate motivation for every day. The bigger goals you have, the clearer motivation you need to define. On the journey, you may have many opportunities and face a lot of unexpected problems. How can we keep ourselves strong and commit to our defining goals throughout years?

Welcome you to Dreamplex’s talkshow: Achieve your 2021’s resolution with 2 young leaders from Fonos & Less Plastic VN. They also have ambitions and dreams like you. They have gone through many stories of success & failure to become 2 talented young founders today. Join us in this talkshow and explore empowering stories from Xuan Nguyen and Nguyen Hoang. You can also share your questions with them.

Event Information

The event is conducted in Vietnamese.

About Guest Speakers

Xuan Nguyen – Co-founder of Fonos – Application for Licensed Audiobook

Xuan Nguyen, the co-founder of Banh Mi 362 and Fonos, has been running her own business for more than 10 years. She started her first start-up company at the age of 22 with Banh Mi 362. Currently, Banh Mi 362 has 11 stores in Vietnam and 2 stores in Korea. In 2020, Xuan Nguyen started Fonos with her partners – Application for Licensed Audiobook – has been in partnership with many big book publishers in Vietnam. 

Fonos Application provides many choices with the exclusive audiobooks, including licensed audiobooks by Vietnamese of many best-seller writers.

Find more information on Fonus here:  https://www.facebook.com/fonosvietnam  

Nguyen Hoang – Founder of Less Plastic VN

Nguyen Hoang has founded Less Plastic VN as a companion who will be anywhere to raise awareness of people about #lessplastic when using plastic items, especially disposable plastic items. The ideas started when the founder group joined the “Volunteering in marine turtle conservation” project in 2008. 

Less Plastic VN is a social project about the environment. Its purpose is to raise awareness of young people, residents and tourists about the harm of plastic and the habit of reducing the use of plastic in life.

Find more information on Less Plastic VN here https://www.facebook.com/LessPlasticVN 

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