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Attract & Retain Gen Z In Vietnam

27 Nov 2020
9:00 am - 10:30 am

CEOs and HR Leaders: attracting and retaining talent is hard. Especially when it comes to a new generation we don’t know much about. During this one-hour event, learn from the first-ever research about Vietnamese Gen Z’s total workplace experience preferences and create a workplace that attracts and keeps them.

By 2025, Gen Z is expected to take up 25% of the total workforce in Vietnam. Understanding those born between 1997 to 2012 better and designing a workplace experience that makes them tick could help companies become much more successful in both attracting and retaining these young, creative, worldly employees.

So what does Gen Z want? What drives them? And how different are they really from Millennials? A wide-ranging study led by Decision Lab, a behavioral design think tank, and Dreamplex, which designs and delivers employee-centric workplace experiences, set out to find the answer to those questions.

Sign up for this webinar and get:

  • Key insights from the research, presented by Decision Lab and Dreamplex
  • A panel discussion with three Gen Z’ers, moderated by Thai van Linh
  • Interactive Q&A for all your remaining questions

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