[Members Only] Bamboo Mask Painting: Get your hands on Vietnamese Traditional Art

Hand-painted faces on woven bamboo trays are traditional Vietnamese items hanging throughout the narrow lanes of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, especially during Tet. They have become one of the special souvenirs bearing the mark of the traditional art of Vietnam. Besides faces evoking characters in chèo plays (Vietnam’s traditional theatre) with theatrical makeup style and single emotion display, bamboo masks these days are also decorated with more modern cartoon characters or Dong Ho paintings with big bamboo trays.

During this Tet, let’s try your hand at painting your own traditional Vietnamese bamboo masks at Member Experience Corners at Dreamplex. All materials are ready for you!

Event Information:

  • Time: Whenever you have free time and a group of friends until the end of Tet 2022
  • Place: All location

The event is FREE & EXCLUSIVE for Dreamplex members.

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