[NQH] Elevate your executive capability beyond an MBA

If you intend to achieve higher certification in business administration and plan for a DBA, learn more in this event from upGrad Vietnam.

In this event, you will have an opportunity to listen to the professional panel discussion with many experts in different industries.

Topic 1 – Challenges for today’s leaders

Topic 2 – Trait of successful leaders

Topic 3 – Learning DBA for high-level executives

Topic 4 – Online learning

Topic 5 – Experience at upGrad

Wrap up & Free Networking

? Best suit for: senior managers, top-level management, business owners

Save your slots now:

⏰ When: 14th May 2022 at 4:00PM – 5:30PM

?Where: DPX Ngô Quang Huy

More about UpGrad: https://programs.upgrad.com/about-upgrad

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