[TQK] Improv Workshop: Spark your creativity

Taught in English by instructors from Cai To Nho with Vietnamese translation.

Improvisation has a long history in Europe and the US, yet just only appeared in Vietnam recently. This form of art brings millions of benefits to practitioners in terms of improving creativity, relaxation, and self-development.

No expertise or talent is required, you can also become an improv actor today in such a healthy, friendly, and rewarding playground.

Try the first improv lesson brought to you by Dreamplex to:

✅ Overcome the fear of speaking out, join ice-breaking games

✅ Build a deep connection with others by listening, respecting and trust

✅ Spark your creativity with ideas and the art of combining them to create unique plays.

Save your slot now:

? Where: Dreamplex Tran Quang Khai

⏰ When: 5:30PM – 7:30PM on May 26, 2022

About Cái Tổ Nhỏ:

Cai To Nho defines themselves as a complex that applies art in education rather than an art training center. It aims at training and developing the community by creating a safe and open space for people to experience the positive impacts of art on physical health and wellbeing. One of their highlight product is Improv Workshop Sessions.

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