[Webinar] An Introduction to Job Crafting

Delivered by Rob Baker

How HR Can Use Job Crafting to Drive Performance, Engagement and Wellbeing?

Join us in the Webinar: An Introduction to Job Crafting to learn more about this topic. (Session is delivered in English.)

Rob Baker – Founder & Chief Positive Deviant of Tailored Thinking and the writer of the book Personalization at Work, joining us virtually from the UK to share his knowledge and get us thinking about how we can apply evidence-based Job Crafting, to enhance our own and others’ wellbeing at work.

Job Crafting enables people to bring their whole and best selves to work by personalising how they act, interact and think about their work. We personalise all aspects of our lives from our clothes to our coffee cups yet we don’t personalise our experiences at work. Evidence shows that when employees feel they can personalise their jobs they perform better, are more engaged and report high levels of career satisfaction and growth compared with those who don’t.

The session will explore

  • Why we need a personal touch in work, why this is often missing and what we can do about it
  • The science and application of job crafting, an evidence-based approach to enabling people to bring their whole and best selves to work
  • Practical ways to apply job crafting in day-to-day work (for ourselves and others)
  • Steps to create and embed a more personalised people experience across an organisation
  • Case studies from a range of companies from start-ups to global banks

A model of job crafting used in Personalization at Work.

Event Information

The event is open for Dreamplex members & their guests.


About Tailored Thinking [https://tailoredthinking.co.uk/mediakit]

Tailored Thinking is a positive psychology, wellbeing and HR consultancy. We support organisations to take a positive business approach to key activities and core strategy, bringing fresh thinking to change, wellbeing, performance and leadership.

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