Lifestyle Workshop: Lean Closet Model – Less is More

Delivered by Coco Chabong

Admission fee is 700, 000 VND/ person but Free for Dreamplex members.

After 90 minutes, attendees will gain:

How to build a Lean Closet Model with foundation items that can be worn in many different ways. It makes you feel excited every time you choose what clothes to wear for different events and circumstances for both men and women.

  • How to build and develop an outfit that fits, respects, and matches with both the working environment and your lifestyle.
  • A smart and oriented shopping strategy that includes specific shopping instructions so that each item is purchased when combined with the available items in the wardrobe to optimize the dress matching options, minimizing the waste of time, space, and finance caused by emotional shopping.
  • How to choose/organize/pack smart clothes for long business trips with alternating events.
  • Tips to increase confidence, enhance the personal style and professional image, and increase trust and confidence from customers and partners.

Her sharing has 5 different parts:

  1. Misconceptions about fashion and dress: Changing the mistaken way of thinking about fashion and style is extremely important to dressing better. Notions like short people should wear short skirts above knees to look taller, or we need a lot of money to be able to wear them well are common but extremely wrong, leading to many wrong decisions. This section aims to eliminate long-standing misconceptions about appearance and dress to bring confidence to a solid foundation for style changes.
  2. Style Classification: categorizing styles into main groups will make it easier to choose costumes for different events. Life events are not only Solemn and Ordinary but also events that fall between these two categories. For example, meeting with customers outside of work, social parties do not require being formal strictly but we need to show professionalism, then which styles we can choose the outfit?
  3. Smart wardrobe: The construction of a wardrobe consisting of high-quality foundation items is extremely important. This will keep you from getting distracted by new trends as the basic items in the wardrobe have timeless styles and styles. Once you have these items in your wardrobe you will no longer worry about what to wear or combine fashion items.
  4. Colors and Textures: Standard pattern and color schemes. This is an advanced part that requires a lot of practice. Mastering the basic formulas will help you be more confident in choosing color clothes and combining patterns. Besides, there are also color contrast matching rules based on skin color and hair color.
  5. The formula for building an outfit through 4 steps: Four-Step Formula to build an outfit suitable for each situation. 

Event Information

    • When: Friday, 09/04 | 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
    • Where: Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien, District 2
    • Register here:  


  • Admission fee:

Dreamplex members: Free

non-Dreamplex members: 700,000 VND

Dreamplex members’ friends: 350,000 VND

  • You can transfer the fee by 2 ways:

Option 1: Pay via bank account – ACB – 205448489 – Tran Hoang Ha My

Option 2: Pay via Momo with the phone number – Tran Hoang Ha My – 0798901750

Transfer description: Name – Phone number – Cocochabong


About Thu Vu

Thu earned a Degree in Fashion (Merchandising Management) from RMIT Vietnam and won the “Discipline of Fashion” awards for her achievements at the University and in the fashion industry.

Thu has been working in various roles including Fashion Writer, Image Consultant, Stylist, Show Director and so on. She has been adding prominent names into her Clientele portfolio, including Coca-Cola, CPA Australia, Grant Thornton, Manulife, etc…to name but a few.

As a fashion consultant now, Thu has been working with different companies and brands to deliver consultation on building personal style and to conduct remarkable fashion shows.

Thu Vu is a familiar guest speaker at events organised by high-end brands such as Sisley Paris, Lancôme, Christian Dior Parfums, where she was invited to share her expertise in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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