[Members Only] It’s TET TET TET: Let’s play Cờ cá ngựa (Horse Race Chess)!

What mostly differentiates TẾT and other days?

It must be the vibrant and bustling atmosphere made by everyone as they’re simultaneously heading to TẾT preparation and celebration. All minds switch to reveling mode, leaving less room for deadlines, paperwork, or assignment, but daydreaming about the truly New Year holidays with loved ones.

No other time of the year can replicate the air even with similar activities! Some board games we can play around the year become Tet-specific during these days, such as bầu-cua-tôm-cá (gourd crab shrimp fish), playing cards, lô-tô (Vietnamese bingo), or cờ-cá-ngựa (horse race). Just sit at your familiar desk, ask your colleagues: “How about a round of Cờ cá ngựa?” – It’s Tết!

Many board game sets are available at Member experience corners at every Dreamplex site for you to play and connect with friends. Enjoy a better day at work with TET TET TET TET is calling!

Event Information:

  • Time: Whenever you have free time and a group of friends until the end of Tet 2022
  • Place: All location

The event is FREE & EXCLUSIVE for Dreamplex members.

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