[Members Only] Notion for dummies: “All-in-one” tool to upgrade your life

Notion has begun to be popular in Vietnam since 2021. There are more than 13,000 followers of the fan peg Knowtion Vietnam – a page that shares tips on using Notion and connects the Notion community in Vietnam. Notion is an application that helps users take notes, track plans, save information, … on only one single platform for easy search. Whether you’re working on using Notion or you’re looking for an app to increase your productivity, this workshop is for you!

Event Content:

Part 1: General introduction to get started with Notion

Part 2: Introduce Notion’s features from basic to advanced

Part 3: Casestudy on using Notion (Notion tour)

Guest Speakers #somethingwithMia

Content creator owning a Tiktok channel with 120,000 followers and a Instgram channel with 15,000 followers

As a freelancer who manages multiple projects at the same time, Mia must manage her time and works closely to stay productive after leaving the office. Notion is a great application. It helps Mia manage and organize almost everything in her life. From planning content production on social networks, managing businesses to personal hobbies such as journaling, tracking habits or taking notes every time you read a book. In this workshop, Mia will guide everyone not only the most basic operations to use Notion, but also how to build the most optimal workflow for themselves to maintain and increase their productivity.

Event Information:

  • Date: Thursday, 09/12
  • Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Language: Vietnamese

The event is FREE & EXCLUSIVE for Dreamplex members.

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