[Webinar] WORK SMART NOW: How to help your employees do more, with less time, with joy

The event will be delivered in English from 10:00AM to 11:15AM on 26/08 via Zoom.

The event is for Dreamplex members and invited guest only.

“In a lifetime, the average person will spend at least 90,000 hours working. Some lucky slice of the population may find meaningful purpose through work, but for the majority of people, work is a necessity to survive.” (Improving Workplace Wellness in Asia: ADB White Paper, 2019).

Other studies have shown that when people are unhappy in their personal lives or careers, their productivity goes down and everything and everyone around them suffers, having a negative impact on work-life integration. As a result, the business is also impacted because of this situation.

How to Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees and Achieve More?

Join us in June as HR icon, catalyst, and bestselling author Richard Polak. Register for this session and you can:

  • Get tips and frameworks from his practiced and tested methods on productivity
  • Walk away with the framework to do more, in less time, with joy.
  • Receive an autographed copy of Richard’s bestselling book: “Work Smart Now (How to Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees and Achieve More).”

Event Information

  • Guest Speaker: Richard Polak, the author of the book “Work Smart Now”
  • Date: Thursday, 26/08
  • Time: 10:00AM – 11:15AM
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Get to know our guest speaker

Consultant, Author, Catalyst

  • Richard Polak has four decades of experience across five continents. He has helped companies in more than 90 countries create world-class HR and benefits programs.
  • Richard is a congressional advisor and known as a leader in crafting compassionate strategies to increase employee productivity.
  • He specializes in HR forensics, benefits consulting, workplace productivity, and diversity and inclusion. He serves as an advisor for Silicon Valley Employers Form, Global Advisor for the American Benefits Council, sits on the Forbes HR Council, and has a Podcast called the “Productivity Pod.” Richard is also an accomplished playwright and finds time for a nap every day.

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