[Online] Tips to create powerful content for digital marketing in 2022

Delivered in English by Sam Neo and Esther Lim from Story Buddy

In this session, you will learn various practical concepts and quick tips to create your stories. Learn tactics for achieving better outcomes in any interaction—at work—and tools for framing and telling your story through your message, ideas, products, or yourself.

✅ How to Kickstart Your Content Creation Journey

✅ Creating an Effective Structure for Your Post

✅ LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

Two experts – Sam Neo and Esther Lim, who create and lead Asia’s first AI-powered employer branding storytelling tool called StoryBuddy, will tell you secrets for better content for digital marketing in 2022.

Free StoryBuddy account for all participants and DPX day pass for winners of practice session.

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When: 12th May 2022 at 3:30PM – 4:30PM

Where: Online via Gather Town

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