Thank you 2020, next! 

2020 was rough, but we made it with the support of our colleagues, teammates, and leaders. What better way to send off the year than by gathering up with everyone sitting around us and having some fun? Let’s forget all the deadlines for 2 hours and just enjoy the Tet atmosphere together. We will have:

  • Games to put everyone in the Tet mood
  • Lucky draw for those feeling lucky so remember to bring your ticket. Ask your MX for your own ticket. 
  • Food & drinks so come with an empty stomach

Food & drinks will be served. 

There will be more surprise for you… don’t foget to come and have fun!

If you are in Sai Gon, you can enjoy…

  • Comedy show for endless laughter
  • Vietnamese traditional music to feel more Tet’s vibe

Welcome back, Minh Nhi Theater!

If you are at our Thai Ha, Ha Noi location, then you won’t want to miss this special performance:

  • Live music for relaxing moments

We will bring you a great band for great moments.

All so you can leave fulfilled with memories and photos!



Where: All Dreamplex locations (DPX NQH members will join DPX TQK members)

When: Thursday, 28th January | 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

“How to get my ticket?”: Member Experience Team will deliver your tickets to each Dreamplex member. If you did not get one, feel free to come to us at the reception table, we will give you one.

This event is FREE & EXCLUSIVE for all Dreamplex members.

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Give your team a Better Day at Work.
All events included with membership.

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