Building Community at Your Company

Workshop: “Building Community and The Sense of Belonging in Your Company” by Alexis Pham – Chief People Officer at Home Credit

After two years of remote work (thanks to COVID-19), we’re having one of the hardest times bringing our employees back to the office. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many companies are struggling to get their staff Return To Office.

How to retain and attract top talents for your company? There’s no successful formula or algorithm you can write for this challenge, but the key lies in the process of building a community that creates a sense of belonging for every member.

With profound knowledge and expertise in people management, Alexis Pham (CPO of Home Credit) will share with us an effective way to create and develop community in a company. Let’s join this seminar to get insights & practical tips from experts and discuss with like-minded professionals. 

Who is it for: HR with 2-5 years of experience

Limited slots available: 40 people

? Registration link: https://dreamplex.co.flexos.work/events/233

? Friday 23 September

⏰ 2:00 – 4:00 PM

? Language: Vietnamese

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