Love Our Choices By Making Better Decision

❗️ What does it take to decide with careful consideration and intention?

To never regret our choices is what people would love to–but it’s not always easy to do. Join us for the upcoming workshop on decision-making and learn techniques to ensure decisions are made with careful consideration and intention.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, 22 Feb from 3:30 – 5:00 PM, led by Mr. Lê Đình Hiếu from GAP Institute. Come together at Dreamplex to adopt the 21st-century necessary skillset with your colleagues.
Things you will take away after this 1,5-hour session:
✅ Problem-Solving table (BCG Approach principle)
✅ 7-question Decision-making model by Harvard
✅ Recognize & avoid biases

Workshop language: Vietnamese

This is not only an opportunity to develop your skills, but also a chance to engage and teamwork with your team. Don’t miss out!

P/S: This is a hybrid event. We’ve prepared meeting rooms at each location for you to join with other members. Kindly contact our Location Managers for more information ?

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