[Webinar] Well-being Chat with Coach Ha Pham

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Expectations, comparisons, and dissatisfaction are three of the many causes of productivity guilt. You encounter this when you believe you have to do more, more, but never feel enough. It can make you always feel like you are missing something.

To improve this situation, you can:

  • Take the time to congratulate yourself on even small accomplishments
  • Distinguish between being busy and being productive Take time to rest for yourself
  • Understanding yourself and naming your emotions is the first step to take care of your mental health. Join us with Coach Ha Pham on 28/09 to learn how to overcome this fear!

Event Information

  • Date: Tuesday, 28/09
  • Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Platform: Zoom
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About Coach Ha Pham

With 15 year experience in diverse industries (hospitality, real estate, fashion, television, logistics, agency, ride hailing) in office, warehouse and factory environments; and over 10 years working directly with Chairmen, General Directors and CEOs of companies of various sizes, Ha Pham is passionate about coaching founders / entrepreneurs / individuals to get the very best out of their business. With different certificates in Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, NLP and a relaxing-friendly style, Ha Pham can also be a very professional listener for every single issue in your work or life.

Ha Pham is one of 16 experts in the Ask An Expert Program by Dreamplex. You can book a 30-minute consultation with her here: https://dreamplex.co/ask-an-expert/ha-pham/

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