Under The Doodle Tree

Instructed by Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh (founder of MAI:tri – Holistic Art Therapy)

“You never know where your doodles will take you when you’re under the doodle tree.”

Continuing the success of events last month, our favorite workshop instructor – Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh (founder of MAI:tri – Holistic Art Therapy) is back with a new session: “Under The Doodle Tree”.

During this workshop, Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh will walk you through 3 doodling activities that help increase body awareness, mindfulness, and playfulness. This is a fun and exciting out-of-work event to relax after intense meetings, reduce stress hormones, and return your mind to a calmer and more balanced state. Everything you need is a pen and paper!

Let’s drop everything and learn to doodle it out!

Event details:

? Wednesday 5 October

⏰ 4:30 – 5:30 PM


P/S: This is a hybrid event. We’ve prepared meeting rooms at each location for you to join with other members. Kindly contact our Location Managers for more information ?

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