[Online] Effective Communication at Workplace with Thai Van Linh | Session 3: Written Communication

Delivered in Vietnamese by Thai Van Linh

Written communication at the workplace can take a variety of forms, from emails to contracts. The proficiency in written communication can be expressed with the ability to deliver clean, concise, and error-free messages.
Clear messages help build trust and integrity between the writer and the reader. Well-written communication aids in the definition of goals, the identification of problems, and the development of solutions. This is an essential skill set every employee must acquire.
Enroll in session 3 of this online skill course by TVL Group and Dreamplex, in which Ms. Thai Van Linh will teach and share her experience about How to achieve efficient written communication at work.

What will you obtain after 2 hours?

? Understand the importance of written communication, and some rules to make your business writing more powerful, clearer and reach your goals of communication.
? Understand the structure of a business report and instruction to complete each part of the report clearly and concisely.
? How to write a structured and logical email to clearly indicate your message to receivers.

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When: 23 April, 2022 | 9:30 – 11:30am
Where: Online course via Zoom

How to sign up?
If you are Dreamplex member, you have the privilege to join this class for FREE.
If you are not yet interested in the lesson, enroll with a very good price: 300,000vnd/person.
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Course information
The course is organized by Dreamplex and TVL Group to help participants master all kinds of communication types at the workplace, even they are verbal, written, or unwritten rules.
Session 1: Preparation for the interactions (19/2/2022)
Session 2: Verbal Communication (26/3/2022)
Session 3: Written Communication (23/4/2022)

Learn more about Thái Vân Linh and TVL Group here.

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