[Members-only] Creative workshop: Create handmade soap with NauNau

The event is Free & Exclusive for Dreamplex members.

  • If you are struggling to find unique gifts for the woman you love;
  • Or are you looking to make a lovely personal item with 100% nature;

Let’s register to participate in handmade soap making with Dreamplex and Nau Nau on this 20/10! The event is free and exclusive to members in the Hanoi area.

Event Information

  • Date: Wednesday, 20/10
  • Time:4:30PM – 5:30PM
  • Platform: Zoom

Naunau was established in 2013, by Ms. Huynh Hai Yen and quickly became one of the 5 most popular cosmetic brands in Vietnam. Naunau’s products use natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and are researched based on the characteristics of the climate, soil, and skin of the Vietnamese people, so they are well received and spread by young Vietnamese people.

The event is free & exclusive for Dreamplex members in Hanoi.

??? ?????? ?? ????????? may be subject to change given the current landscape with COVID-19 and government instructions.

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