The Future of HR: Next Stage Evolution for People Professionals.

The event will be delivered in English from 4:30PM to 5:45AM on 20h August via Zoom.

The event is for Dreamplex members and invited guest only.

In this virtual event, we will hear from Perry’s research, practice and future strategies for HR, Learning and Organisation Development in a post-pandemic world of work. Stories from HR leading change in healthcare, energy, non-profit and public services, will show how we can create a more agile, optimal and flourishing experience of work for people.

What is increasingly being challenged is that a fixed operating model does not account for the changes brought on by customer demand, employee experience, shifting skills needs, digital technologies and changing market forces. Organisation Design and Development is a practice field that helps create more adaptable structures, more responsive systems and more adjusted ways of working to respond to those internal and external factors that force or create change opportunities.

What you will learn from the event:

  • How teams working in HR (for example learning, recruitment, reward, advice) can move from reactive enquiries to strategic-level impact through good organisation design and people practices, and more focus on performance through a combination of great systems, process with the balance of a well-being focus and development of people.

Event Information

  • Date: Thursday, 23/09
  • Time: 4:30PM – 5:45PM
  • Platform: Zoom

Get to know our guest speaker

Perry Timms founded PTHR in 2021, and it is now 15 people, working 100% virtually and with the ambition of Better Business for a Better World. He has been in HR practice for 18 years, and more recently reviewed over 50 white papers, reports and thought leadership articles.

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