[Online] Effective Communication at Workplace with Thai Van Linh | Session 2: Verbal Communication

Delivered in Vietnamese by Thai Van Linh

In the previous session, we went through multiple methods to arrange your mind and ideas, explored the implications of body language, and learned how to develop a positive and active communication habit. Come to sesson 2, Thai Van Linh will discuss and talk more about verbal communication at work. Verbal communication is such a great tool for you to gain many achievements if it is utilized wisely.

Only 2 hours with us, participants will:

? Understand the importance of brevity in communications and how to cut back unnecessary content in what you are saying.

? Obtain verbal communication methods for one-on-one conversations, group meetings, and large gathering settings.

? What to say and how to say it: providing and receiving constructive feedback or difficult interactions.

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Session Information

Buổi 2: Verbal Communication

  • ⏰ Time: 26/3/2022, 9:30am – 11:30am 

? Fee: 300,000vnd/ session, buy ticket at: https://bit.ly/mar-tvl-ticketbox

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The course will be conducted in Vietnamese and online via Zoom.

Course Information

The course is organized by Dreamplex and TVL Group to help participants master all kinds of communication types at the workplace, even they are verbal, written, or unwritten rules.

Session 1: Preparation for the interactions (19/2/2022)

Session 2: Verbal Communication (26/3/2022)

Session 3: Written Communication (23/4/2022)

Learn more about Thái Vân Linh and TVL Group here.

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